Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Article] Jung Min scolded Shara Lin

Another round of thank you to rainaftershine for translating this news and sharing on her blog. It is nice to read something about the filming and his rapport with his co-stars.


[News] Park Jung Min scolded Shara Lin a pervert for pulling his pants while filming
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Park Jung Min, Kingone Wang, Shara Lin and Lia Lee who starred in idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’ will be heading to Korea for filming soon. Today’s filming scene was pulled back to Taipei Danshuei and it was also specially opened to the media to visit the set. Kingone Wang expressed that in order to film this drama, he specially went to learn Korean even asked Park Jung Min to be his little teacher in order to strengthen his Korean more.

Not only Kingone Wang had to learn Korean for the drama, Park Jung Min is also working hard in learning Chinese. Because of the language barrier, Park Jung Min and fellow actors and actresses made a lot of jokes. However, Park Jung Min’s Chinese is improving and is able to communicate with everyone seamlessly. Actress Shara Lin praised that Park Jung Min is cheerful and is easy to get along thus they are extremely happy while working together.

Park Jung Min had a lot of interesting stories during his filming in Taiwan. Recently he had to film a drowning scene in Hualien and in order to save him, actress Shara Lin pulled his pants accidentally. Park Jung Min continuously used Chinese and said “Pervert! So lustful!” which made everyone laughed. However by recalling this scene, Park Jung Min is still lingering with fear and exclaimed “I almost died.”

During the interview, it started to drizzle. Kingone Wang constantly said “*Water represents good luck”. However, Park Jung Min who was aside directly held up an umbrella unexpectedly pulled Shara Lin and Lia Lee in to avoid the rain. The reaction of the ignorance for his image allows everyone to see his funny side.

*It’s a good omen that Chinese believes.


Anonymous said...

tho not a fan of tw idol dramas, im still looking forward to watch wuri jungmin! i wonder if most of his lines will b in korean or chinese?

Anonymous said...

thanks again, rainaftershine! really nice to read news on JM again. glad the cast is getting along (and JM is still funny and naughty ;) despite the language barrier. can't wait to watch the show!

sinthia said...

hahaha so funny this interview. ^^
I envy the cast cause they can be with JM every day.He's really a adorable person to be with!