Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Trans] Kyu Jong's 1st Solo Album Bulk Purchase from HeStory

The teaser of Kyu Jong album will be released at 12AM [KST] later so don't fail to check it at B2M Entertainment Official YouTube Channel. Click HERE to be directed to it.

Today I got this email from slimz1808. It's about bulk purchase of Kyu Jong's album from HeStory which will start on the 27th of September. If you are interested you may click HERE.

Here are the details for the bulk order.


KKJ's 1st mini album “TURN ME ON” Bulk Purchase ("BP")
Korean-Chinese translation from (
Chinese to English by slim1808

Album purchases which count towards hanteochart /music bank (the below are in order of weightage)
★1st priority - synnara record (shop) ; hottracks (shop) ; synnara eshop (on-line)
*1st priority means ==> hanteo chart + music bank will both reflect the sales made in these places

Album sales computation
= hanteo + hottracks Shop + synnara record off-line (restricted to physical shop)

Hence getting the album from hottracks Shop or synnara (physical) Shop, high probability to clock 2x album sales!!!
Those who are not accessible to any of these physical shops can get the album from synnara eshop(on-line),otherwise please get them from the shops!

*Synnara Shops -- Gangnam,,central city,Yongsan iparkmall,Yongsan Electronics Market,仁川新世界店,
*Hottracks Shops — 光化门店 (광화문광장 /Seoul Square),Gangnam,蚕室店,木洞店,水逾店,永登浦店,盆唐店,安阳店,
天安店,全州店,大邱店,昌原店,釜山店,釜山centum city店。
[pardon i can't do much on alot of the above locations =( any1 can help?]

★2nd priority — lees music,apple music, 教保书店(think this refers to KBS online)
★3rd priority — Interpark (on-line),YES24,Aladdin,CoolTracks,CD box

*Purchases from the following sources will NOT be counted towards the count
(1) Gmarket, Auction and other online sources,
(2) individuals selling on interpark,
(3) E-mart,Home plus,Lotte mart and other big marts

hanteo shop or 3rd priority purchases may have the probability of miscount, hence please try to purchase from 1st priority (as much as possible).

*When doing bulk purchases, it is rumoured that 1 receipt multiple CDs might not count towards the counting (i.e. equivalent to 1 CD), hence it is hereby suggested to get 1 receipt:1 CD (to play safe)

Let's support Kyu Jong's new transformation!ThanKYU

*These info can be circulated to any portals to assist Kyu Jong ^^ By He; Story

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