Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong Got Hurt Almost Thought of Retiring

For the past days we've been reading a lot about Kyu Jong. A lot of revelations from his interviews made me smile and teary eyed. He's the 2nd member of SS501 who I think was hardest hit when they went solo. But because they have family and friends who love them and give them support they were able to pull it through.

With this comeback album, let's give Kyu Jong a lot of encouragement, love and support. Let's give him the more confidence and let's make him feel that he is well loved not only as and idol but as an actor as well.

Thanks much to xiaochu for another transalation shared on Quainte501.


[Interview] Kim KyuJong “Decided To Retire When People Makes Me Feel Too Difficult”
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

The heart that got hurt by people can only be healed through people. Coming back to the music scene after 1 year and 7 months is idol group SS501’s Kim KyuJong, who had thought of retiring due to getting hurt deeply by people. He also considered seriously to quietly going back to his hometown and live on listening to his favorite music.

The reason for him to think of the word ‘retire’ is due to the wounds he received from people. Especially because of his character of trusting people easily and shy of strangers, Kim KyuJong fell into the deep into his agony. Thoughts like “My character doesn’t fit as a singer?” filled his head.

“I stopped doing what I was originally doing. Because I received too much wounds from people. I even think like ‘My character is not suitable?’ sigh~ I thought of leaving without any prior notice at the thought of living comfortably without any desires.”

This is not a joke, Kim KyuJong really intended to leave. But he made a long journey and returned once again on the stage. Kim KyuJong released his first solo mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep. So what is the reason for Kim KyuJong to sing again?

“Because of people. I realized that there are still many people who cherishes me like before. All thanks to these people, I was determined to work hard. In the past when I have lots of work, I will grumble but now I will have fun and enjoy it. (smile)

Kim KyuJong, whom we have not seen for a long time, looks even brighter than before. Though his difficulties during this period has not diminished yet, thanks to the precious affinity with his current agency and its staffs, he was able to gather strength to stand up again. SS501 member Heo YoungSaeng, who is with him in his current agency B2M Entertainment, becomes his biggest strength.

“Thinking of standing on the stage again after 2 over years, I feel happy and excited. Of course, though there are still many things I don’t know yet, but won’t these change accordingly when I becomes determined to do it? (Heo) YoungSaeng hyung also said I am suitable to sing and supported me. It became a big strength to me.”

While having activities as SS501, thanks to the few members who loves being in the limelight, the usually quiet him had a 180 degrees change and we can feel the change in this meeting with him. Don’t know if it’s a natural change as he will have the camera time all to himself which he had shared with 5 members in the past.

Of course, the first drink cannot fill you full, Kim KyuJong does not demand too much on his first solo album. He only hopes to walk quietly towards the fans who got wet under the drizzle.

“I like American singer Tommy Page’s music very much. Though it is not a very outstanding type of music, you will remember it for a very long time. Like for my song, even though it will not appear as very outstanding when fans listen to it, but it will quietly linger around, so even when time passes by, I hope I can hear people say ‘This song is really good’. It is my dream to become a singer with such charisma.”

Though he started off as idol group, Kim KyuJong came out standing alone now, he wants to be remembered as a singer who has a ‘deep scent’. In year 2011, he will step forward alone, not as a group but as solo, not as idol but as a singer.


Anonymous said...

kyujong is one of those rare guys who don't behave their age. he just doesn't give you the impression he's 24! i'm totally speechless that he would like tommy page coz he is not in kyujong's era. i'm in my 30s and when i listened to tommy page i was only 12!

Anonymous said...


We're about the same age. I may be older. LOL :)

I was also surprised that KJ listens to Tommy Page. When Tommy Page debuted, KJ was only 2 years old. LOL I can still remember his songs like I heard them yesterday. I can't believe it has been 20+ years.

I hope KJ can achieve what he's set out to achieve. He sounds so down to earth and such a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

I like Tommy Page too...

A shoulder to cry on... will be a dream to see him sing that song.

Thank you xiouch for doing a very wonderful job of translating Kyujong's interview.

I'm glad he did an album n walk on... He still young there are so many possibilities and I trust him to be much greater.

Kyu fighting.

Anonymous said...

at Liezle, I am kinda curious.. you mentioned KYU was the "2nd member of SS501 who I think was hardest hit when they went solo". so who is the other one...?

anyway I Have a special place in my heart for KYU. I think among the members he is the GLUE that keeps them all balanced. He really is the CENTER of ss501


liezle said...

Hi czak! I was referring to Jung Min. I remember reading that JM also thought of quitting. He went into a depression and even thought of taking sleeping pills just to be able to sleep. You may check my post

guest said...

Kyu Jong is strong enough.. I don't understand why people say he isn't. I hope he'll continue his career as a singer :/ It'd be ashame to see him disappear out of the industry D:

guest said...

Kyu Jong is strong enough.. I don't understand why people say he isn't. I hope he'll continue his career as a singer :/ It'd be ashame to see him disappear out of the industry D:

Anonymous said...

oohhh. now that you mention it, I remember reading articles about JM with depression and sleeping pills. anyway glad that they didn't quit!!!

me and a friend of mine were discussing the issues about strengths and weaknesses. She mentioned that people keep talking about KYU being the weakest member. I disagree with that assumption. SS501 have their own strengths and weaknesses, one member doesn't necessarily is the strongest in everything. Ang KYU is a very important member in SS501, cause he definitely is the CENTER and the GLUE that binds SS501!!!


white said...

thanks xiaochu for the transl.!

i feel his pain when he say he wants to quit due to him thinking tt his character is not suitable for a singer.. :'(
that is so not right!! he definitely has it!
i rmb in the early days, he mentioned how being a singer is a big dream for him.. and he have indeed come so far to fulfill his dream.
hope such thoughts are only temporary because SS501 is going solo currently, and he felt 'empty' having to continue alone.

all will be well again soon, kyujong ah :)
he's doing so fine with Turn Me On!!

& agree with czak, he's really the element to keep SS501 balanced! :')

ping0119 said...

Dear Kyu please do not give up no matter what. There are many of us supporting you here, always, forever!

For people who don't cherish you and hurt you, it is their loss due to their ignorance and blindness.

I'm really glad he fulfilled his dream because DSP audition was the last one he went to. Can't imagine if he didn't make through T_T

@guest 8:32 PM
Well, haters are just gonna hate, lamers are lame == They have no idea how hurtful their words are and what they can do to someone.

Yup, Kyu is definitely not the weakest member in SS501. There is no weakest member. Each of them has their own merits and complement each other. SS501 is forever as 1. Missing anyone of them isn't right at all.

ping0119 said...

actually I think all 5 were hit very hard when they went to different agencies. Leader & Saeng are not those who like to show their weak side to others.

tetsu_girl said...

aww i'm so glad none of them quit!
KJ is definitely suitable as a singer; he has a sweet voice, an ability to make you feel the sentiments in the song, and of course the handsome look and dancing ability.

"Yesterday" is really similar to KJ: doesn't stand out at first, but the more you hear, the more you love. <3

thank you, xiaochu!!

etet said...

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming...."

~~~~~~John Wooden

Anonymous said...

KJ impressed me a lot was during the episode with Wonder Girls at the WRM show. He kept dancing and singing when YB quitted. At that time, I know he can perform well per request if he is on the stage. He is a performer. Other examples are the Special Stage and Mini Concert for the subgroup performed in Japan during 2009. He was phenomenon and outstanding; meanwhile, he was very cute and lovable. Sorry, I cannot find the YT video of these performances. I learned SS501 throu’ HJL. Then, I fall in love with SS501 and admire the most is KJ. I hope he can define his way to success. Of course, also for Mal, YS, HYB, and HJL.