Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Article] Park Jung Min celebrated Mid-Autumn in Taiwan

Much thanks to rainaftershine for translating this peace of article and sharing on her blog. It so nice to read something about Jung Min after months of being in Taiwan.


[News] Park Jung Min’s long stay in Taiwan, experienced barbecuing while celebrating Mid-Autumn
Source: Yes娱乐
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South Korea boy group SS501′s Park Jung Min whom signed with a Taiwan agency last year specially came to Taiwan for a long stay to film the idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. Park Jung Min had to put in extra effort to learn Chinese just for this drama. His Chinese is getting more fluent and he admitted that it was indeed pressurizing from the start but learning Chinese is not difficult to him. Instead, he was worried about how to break the language barrier and relationship with everyone. However by looking at him mingling with everyone at the scene easily, we can see that he really put in his utmost effort to break the ice with everyone.

During his long stay in Taiwan, Park Jung Min expressed that he went to Hualien because of the filming which left a deep impression on him. Park Jung Min was full of praise for Taiwan famous food, he said that his favourite food was beef noodles and as for the rich flavour smelly tofu, he said directly that it was so terrifying but also expressed that he is still willing to try it if there is still a chance.

Being in Taiwan for 3 months, it is inevitable that Park Jung Min misses home thus he took advantage of the filming gap/break and went back to Korea to visit his family a few days ago. As for Mid-Autumn Festival, he did what as Romans did and experienced barbecuing like the people in Taiwan while celebrating. But he jokingly expressed that because Kingone Wang, Shara Lin and Lia Lee excluded him from the barbecue gathering, he had to stay at home alone to barbecue while reading the script, his look made everyone pitied him.

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