Friday, September 30, 2011

[Trans] Hyun Joong's Message on Henecia Board 09.30.11

Finally, Hyun Joong made his presence felt at Henecia website. Oh geez, this young man keeps on forgetting his password. ^_^

Anyway, happy that he's been active leaving messages on his official boards. He knows how to tickle our fancy especially now that his 2nd album 'Lucky' is about to be released.

I am shoving here rough translation of Hyun Joong's message done by miyo and posted on LoveKimHyunJoong. Thanks!


Note from miyo :

Here's my rough translation of the message.. .^^
So... do take it with a pinch of salt.. lol..
Since.. I can't be sure if what I translated is fully correct or not.. (^^ゞ

[2011.09.30] HOB: .............
Korean~English: miyo

This is the first time I'm writing here and I forgot my ID^^

I will be coming here often

Please give many love to Henecia homepage.

Had finished recording the album recently. Filming music video tomorrow, please look forward to it^^

I will write here once in a while. Coming soon.........ㅋ


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't wait any day more.
Lve you very much, Hyun Joong ah.

Anonymous said...
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liezle said...

Hello 11:18 and thank you so much for your post.

I have deleted it since I am already doing a post about it and since this is a post about HJL I would want to maintain to be as such. Hoping for your understanding.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see him on stage again. :)

It doesn't surprise me that he forgot his ID/PW... again. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi, liezle, just borrow some space from this article & say “thank you”
I visit your blog almost daily, just for check out leader. it is pretty style, you not just simply post it but sharing the impression of you while upload the articles.
As some have the thought about ss501 members under leader’s shadow & people only know hkjL in the group & ……
But, I could not find the filming men favored leader, or he got special treat in the group activities. in WGM, the other members showed up in the show too …… they had all having the chances to show the talents to the audience in the group, …… ?!
anyway, just took it as a “praise” to leader. in that case, they must feel happy to the increased group fans through BOF. I guess some of us also thank to BOF bring us to the group, and we find our specific favorite one.
No One is easy in kpop, leader face the press & the voices are not less than any of the others. However, he contributed just as much as the others during the group activities. so he deserve the fans’ respect even some not fond of him.
At the end, thank you liezle for the first hand updated everyday. You have been working hard to maintain this place in your spare time. it is not your job. you do it probably just out of the love to kpop artists & want to share their moment with anyone who love it.
No matter what seasons you desert respect & love from all of us who gain info from your place.
Wish you blog loving by more and more viewers that also mean the boys will gain more fans ^^

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.I can see you truly love all of them.

Anonymous said...

leader, we definitely love to visit the fan club web
But you just do not accept my joining or visiting ......
what can i do :(
may i sharing your pass word ^^