Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Media Pix] 'Goong' Press Conference 09.20.11

Yesterday at 2Pm there was a media press conference as well as press call of the musical 'Goong'. All the main characters of the musical were present.

From the headlines that I've read, the Korean media are all praising Kyu Jong as he challenges himself anew to play in the musical. I also read that he's being praised as he sings passionately and that his voice is overflowing with power. There's one article that says Kyu Jong perfectly matches the prince role.

Since the Japan staging, we've all been hearing lots of good comments about Kyu Jong performance. I believe that through this big opportunity that came along Kyu Jong has made a name for himself not just an idol singer but a stage actor and musical singer as well. Kudos to Kyu Jong!

Here are some of the media photos that I lifted as I searched Daum and Naver.

Btw, I read from HappySS501_Boys' tweet that Kyu Jong's performance last night was way better that last Saturday. Well, according to Kyu Jong at the presscon yesterday afternoon, he was so nervous at the opening last weekend. So, I guess since this is his second performance, he might have felt at ease.


slimz1808 said...

tks for sharing gal ^^
check out TivonaHu YT for news coverage of Goong in Korea too =D

etet said...

*screams*..... Can't wait, can't wait....

So happy to hear that Kyu's star is shining! And as always, he is working hard to improve... A true artist and professional... Some things don't change....

*screams again*... Can't wait, can't wait.... Did I mention I can't wait!!!