Friday, September 23, 2011

09.22.11 S/Tweet Treats

B2M released Kyu Jong's album teaser. Check well wishers of Kyu Jong from the translation of xiaochu posted on Quainte501.


[Trans] 09.22.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English Translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credit please.

2011-09-22 @ 12:00 AM
b2ment [Kim KyuJong] Teaser released! in B2M official Youtube channel~

2011-09-22 @ 12:03 AM
2kjdream Turn me on ... !! Start !!

2011-09-22 @ 12:14 AM
WarrenBONBOO @2kjdream CHEERS!!!!

2011-09-22 @ 12:37 AM
pdjaeho Don't read my tweets but please go watch Infinite's teaser~~. p.s) Even though we didnt take part in this, please also watch B2M KyuJong's teaser where JongHwa hyung and BoAh is in it~ Echo. B2M have prosperity~~

2011-09-22 @ 8:04 AM
kkangjii “@bewmoncher: @PHOTOKARMA Check this teaser out! KYU JONG [TURN ME ON ] teaser ~^^ RT” KyuJong oppa first solo album! Please be a big hit!!! Great just great!!!!

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