Monday, September 26, 2011

[Article] Kyu Jong Shows Off His Wits in 'Let's Go! Dream Team'

Today, there are quite a lot of news about Kyu Jong and I will be shoving them one at a time.

First is this news about 'Let's Go! Dream Team' where it was recorded weeks ago and about to be broadcast. Thanks to xiaochu of Quaite501 for translating this article.


[News] SS501 Kim KyuJong “SS501 Difficulties? Being A Human..” Explodes His Variety Wits
Credits : NEWSEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Singer Kim KyuJong shows his unexpected wits in variety during his appearance in variety program.

Kim KyuJong showed his wits towards an awkward question during KBS 2TV ‘Go! Dream Team’ broadcasted on 25-Sep.

In the opening on that day, MC Lee ChangMyeong asked Kim KyuJong what is the difficulties faced by idol group and he replied “Being a human...” evoking a round of laughter. He added on top of this “And I quarrel with my family members too...”.

In addition, to the question ‘Not wrong to say that it’s about earning (money)?’ Kim KyuJong replied “Being a human...” slurring the words of his sentence, making the recording set roar with laughter.

He also showed his lines in the musical which was about to start performance. Kim KyuJong is acting in musical ‘Goong’ which is a unique story setting of ‘Korea constitutional monarchy in 2011’ where high school girl ChaeKyung and prince Shin makes romance and having luxurious 21st century palace stage settings, it is bound to attract audiences this autumn.

However on this day, due to the intensity of his line ‘outrageous’, it made the guests all burst out with laughter.

Adding on to this, he was humiliated by being eliminated in the first round of competition. After being eliminated, he called out for “Time out” and made an excuse that “the speed was fast in a while”, evoking a round of laughter.

Meanwhile, Dream Team on this day is an Iron Man 5-course competition with martial arts people from around the world, and dream team members consists of Lee SangIn, Kim HyunChul, Ricky Kim, Park JaeMin, Lee Hyun, Kim KyuJong, JinWoon, etc. (Photo = KBS)


Anonymous said...

he failed in the first stage?
aish kyu ah
i was hoping for more
being human its hard isnt it?

Anonymous said...

^ lol at above comment.

back to the article, "unexpected wits"? but kyu jong IS witty leh... haha.

sinthia said...

I'm surprised like people is realizing his wits just now! He's beeing always like that, all triple S knew it. But anyway, I'm happy with any kind of recognition they get. ^^

ping0119 said...

Obviously they haven't been paying enough attention to Kyu to realize he's witty XD