Friday, September 23, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun Still in Pain

Three days ago, Hyung Jun announced that he had his wisdom tooth removed. Yesterday there was a live recording of Mnet Wide News and fans saw him still in pain.

Here is a set of photos tweeted this morning my crazynoona which I am sharing here. Thanks to Everhyblue for taking snap shots of Hyung Jun.

For more photos of Hyung Jun from yesterday's recording you may click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Aww...hyungjunnie looks cute regardless of what he does. Forever a baby~ xP & he's looking good in this hairstyle!

Anonymous said...

aww sad :(

but i like the hairstyle

and atleast he doesn't have chipmunk cheeks!

Anonymous said...

baby, you will be fine. you are young, right?
take care^^

Anonymous said...

Aww it hurts me to see him in pain. I hope the pain goes away soon.
Take care Baby Jun

Anonymous said...

poor baby =(

ping0119 said...

poor Baby hope the pain will subside quickly

sinthia said...

oh... poor baby... =(
I wish he recovers fast, I don't like to see him in pain. T__T