Monday, September 19, 2011

[Article] Kyu jong's Radical Transformation For 1st Solo Mini Album

We have been anticipating this news since last week and today we got the biggest surprise. When I saw the image on Twitter I actually did a double take and check first in all websites that I am reading and seeing Kim Kyu Jong.

As I posted on Twitter, it's a radical concept. For me, the white hair and skin is okay. I am just not liking the pearl necklace which makes him feminine. Anyway, I am still looking forward to the album as I've been waiting for this.

For the past months, Kyu Jong has been giving us quite a lot of surprises and so far he never seems to fail us. With this new concept, a 360 degree turn from the sweet and shy Kyu Jong we know I know we are in for more big surprises.

For the article below thanks to carolicity of AKP.

Note : At the comment box, I would accept constructive comments but any attempt to degrade the artist or would create unfavorable discussion will be deleted. I hope you guys will give objective comments.


[News]SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong makes an unexpected transformation for solo debut
Source + Photo: Star News
Courtesy of carolicity / AllKPop

SS501‘s member Kim Kyu Jong will be the last member of the group to debut as a solo artist. Today, a dramatic photo of the idol with white hair, pearls and a dash of make-up will definitely catch people’s attention.

According to B2M Entertainment, also home to Heo Young Saeng and Lee Hyori, Kim Kyu Jong will be releasing his first solo mini album, ‘Turn Me On’, on Spetember 27th.

With the release of his solo album, all the members of SS501 (Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon, Jim Hyun Joong) will all have made their solo debut.

B2M Entertainment stated, “With the other 4 members having made their debut and started promotions, Kim Kyu Jong is now being featured as the last member to comeback as a solo”, and that “Kim Kyu Jong has made his debut as a musical actor in ’2011 Musical Goong’ in the meantime, and has finished all the performances in Korea on the 17th.”

They continued, “Kim Kyu Jong, in order to make a transformation that hasn’t been seen before until now, took an active role in participating in concept meetings and song composition… All album preparations and music video filming have been completed and on the 22nd, ‘Turn Me On’ teaser will be revealed, and album promotions will start.”

Kim Kyu Jong has fans eager with anticipation with the release of a picture from the album jacket, featuring a dramatic transformation that includes white hair and strong makeup.


Few more images of Kyu Jong from his album.


Anonymous said...

kyu ;_;

etet said...

The first words out of my mouth were “What the He--?!?” I have to admit that I am not a fan of the pics and had to take some deep breaths as I started to read the reaction this has caused. But after the initial “shock” wore down I was able to think straight again.

In my eyes, Kyu is taking a HUGE risk. Which I now realize is what really “shocked” me… Not JM, Not Leader… The sensible Kyu… And looking back, the others sort of stayed in their comfort zone with what they have done… YS did venture out a little but he didn’t go too far… So why Kyu? And why so dramatically? Is it because he has found the courage or confidence to stretch his limits? If that’s the case I applaud him.

Don’t we all “buck the system”? Strike out on our own to explore, to learn, to make mistakes, to move forward, to grow? And when we do this, we realize that we won’t please everyone but isn’t that the point? If we did what everyone wanted wouldn’t the world be rather boring?

In the next few days, there will be comments, both negative and positive. But we need to resist the urge to become angry or sad. I have asked a lot of questions but only Kyu can answer them. Speaking for myself, I’m looking forward to see what happens. Whether this “risk” will be a costly one or a big hit is an unknown. Of course I am hoping it will be a big hit. But it doesn’t change who Kyu is… Kyu will always be Kyu. You can’t change the “core” of a person… and that’s the person who has turned this ajumma into a “Fan Girl”… A "Fan Girl" for how long? I can't say... The future is what it will be.. but for now, I'm happy to be one of Kyu's Kyuties... So I anxiously wait to see his MV, the release of his CD, his comeback stage, his new drama and of course his musical...

What will be will be... All we can do is patiently wait and trust... Isn't that what he would want of us?

Dhes said...

At first I really don't like Kyu's Pix.. I was really shocked.. He's so feminine here plus the pearl necklace...
But then when I read the comment above me (etei).. I was enlighten... ThankYU!.. you have point Kyu doesn't need to hear any bad comments about his new transformation.. All we need is just to wait and trust him about his album...

I can't wait to see his MV teaser on the 22nd..
Kyu we will support you all the way!..


kelly said...

Interesting concept, though initially I thought I was looking at someone's else picture. Before turning us on, he probably has made many people's heads turn :)

Whether people accept this concept or not, most important is the content and I am eagerly waiting for it. And I do hope he has enough time to promote it. Looking at his schedule, he is real busy.

BTW, I think the original writer of this article miss out Young Saeng's name.

Slimz1808 said...

501% Agree with Etet!
It oso took me quite a while to let that sink in. The color and hair I LIKE. The pearls and low-V neck, agree makes him looks fem*****.
But this is a BIG BIG Gamble and he needs all the support from us to make this a win-win gamble!

And he sure did venture outta comfort zone not only for his album, even the variety shows that he is taking on (that coupleBest thingy and DT games) stuff soooooo different from the rest.

I even feel that his drama (which I seriously think he wont be the lead) is something different (he wont be getting the limelight, just like him to do so) too. I mean, he wanted to go into acting and yet he wont be a lead in his first acting show.....

Was expecting R&B album from him (coz he likes them) but with the Album title, the MV picture and now these 3 pictures...i seriously duno wat to expect on 22nd and 27th sept!

I'm going to Kor for Goong, mabbe i shld throw Music Shows into my itinenary?!

Anonymous said...

Kyu is looking like Hyun Joong did way back when he was skinny. The facial expressions also look like Hyun Joong then, although he has different hair color and more feminine make-up on. He is also in what looks like a dress. Is he trying to say that he is in touched with his feminine side?
The androgynous look is slighty shocking but it caught everyone's attention.
Maybe that's the intention. Anyway I'll wait to see what his new album is all about before I can make any further comment.

Anonymous said...

Feminine or not, androgynous or not, hated or not, I believe we all continue to give Kyu our never-ending love and give him the support he needs.

I just hope Kyu doesn't start doubting himself and his concept thanks to negative comments because his confidence has always been a little low..

Anyway, I personally think that Kyu is rocking this concept! The photos certainly got me all hyped up and excited. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Total shocked.
Don't compare Kyu Jong with Hyun Joong.
Hyun Joong is manly.

Anonymous said...

this is really a big risk and a shocking concept... but as we all know many people will expect a lot from him because he is the last member of ss501 that will have a comeback as solo... and this concept is good and experimental that all of us fans will really anticipate it... as we all Know they are ss501, they have a lot of surprises that they will share to us and they are not afraid on doing things like this if its for the better... it really shows there maturity not only as a group but also as an individual...

so lets just wait and keep supporting them especially Kim Kyu Jong... Triple S Fighting,

SS501 Fighting

Anonymous said...

First,,I think,.is that Kyu Jong..?
but I think really hard for second time..and Yes...that is Kyu Jong...

I like it,.maybe he try something new..
Looking forward for this album..

I hope TS and ThanKyu dont make fanwar if something comes when this album coming on music program...

Just stay still if any fanwar coming...
when HyunJoong albums Break Down coming is enough fanwar for me...TT

Anonymous said...

thank you etet for your sensible and supportive comments.

my first words when I saw the photos was also "what the heck!?" and I was shocked. our cute shy kyu?? but letting the initial shock sink in, I realise I dun exactly mind the white hair and white skin (just not the pearls and feminine top).

it'd been better if he rocks a manly "white" concept but we gotta respect kyu and B2M's decision. it's a big risk but hey, at least it turns heads right?

let's continue to be supportive of kyu jong and appreciate his courage to come up with something this radical! who would've thunk it? ;P

SS501 fighting!
Triple S fighting!
Kim Kyu Jong fighting!

Anonymous said...

^^ the first thing i did when i saw his pic was smile ^^
love the whole concept, a big YES for that..
one thing i hate is the PEARL
but sure enough he's not gonna wear that on stage. so I LOVE IT!!
KJ is doing his best to live up to his name and to make us fans happy ^^
i LOVE him for that :)
now i'm totally hyped cuz' this pics and his other charismatic pic ARE totally DIFFERENT!
i wonder what the outcome is but i am dead sure it's gonna be AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

He has to do this or else his album will not attract anyone's attention to buy. AND please don't compare him with Hyun Joong! They are different by miles apart!

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon:3:10pm & 4:30pm don't compare him with HJL.I think he is not suitable in this kind of make-up and clothing.The way I see his photo he does not look manly or feminine. He is much more manly and handsome when in normal make-up.

masz_dora said...

Maybe b2m just want to create a buzz? Hmmm, but Kyu's already creating a lot of buzz. Considering that his role as prince, maybe he want to run away from that princely image. So many maybe. But seeing his album and this teaser I really want to know the meaning of the concept. The waiting is killing me. But one thing b2m managed to do is that people will so anticipating this album considering of this picture. I trust Kyu... but he really did take my attention and I'm surprise I'm not that really shock. Actually I can smile and think what are you plan to do? Hmm....Kyu like hyun joong said is not really an honest person like he seems to be. I mean here he does can go out from his comfort zone to do something he is believing in.

For those who are going to Korea, have fun and cheer a lot for him. Kyu fighting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the strategy is to SHOCK everyone into noticing his first mini solo album. Make it a major talking point in the K-pop world. It's do or die for his future career you see. So no matter how unwilling also have to dress like a woman, depend on how you want to describe.

Anonymous said...

Please don't compare him with Hyun Joong. HJ is totally manly.
Although he has a pretty face but i dun think he'll accept this kind of make-up. It's too much for a man... T_T
Anyway, still waiting for KJ MV.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kyu Jong really knows how to shock us. You've got all my 501% attention here... heehee. Don't they have other accessories other than the pearl necklace. I can't wait to see his MV teaser on the 22nd. Kyu Jong, Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like this image, so I cannot buy his album.

Anonymous said...

What is this???!!! Something is wrong somewhere. Definitely.

He is the nicest and courteous among the SS501 members but he is not feminine at all. The pearls and the hand gesture does represent him at all. This is an injustice to Kyu Jong.

Need to calm down. There must be a good explanation.

Anonymous said...

Does KJ want to receive our attention with this image?

liezle said...

Hello etet! Thank you so much for what you've shared in this comment box. I'll see you soon. ^^


misunjun said...

yes this is shocking!! but Kyu is an artist so it not forbidden for him to experiment. plus being artist is not easy, We need to catch public attention. We all know that Kyu have manly image, cute and sexy. So why not he tries androgynous image.. But for us (triple s) Kyu Is always Kyu, and those pics just a concept, it doesn't means kyu has changed because of that.
and We will always support him and the rest of SS501

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw the pics, I was really shocked... really really shocked.
But, I think that pics shows us that Kyu is a great actor.

I have never seen before that Kyu acted as a girl or woman or he behave like a woman. I knew He did once for Step Up concert, but at that time He just a man in the girl's outfit. But at that pics, He acted as a woman. Not only about the accessories, but the Kyu's expression, his hand's gesture, show that He is a "woman". His acting really great.

And I respect it that Kyu finally have courage take the high risk. It really great that finally He found his courage and confidence!!

I believe, Kyu Jong will be a bright future actor, then a great actor, and the He will be legendary actor.

Kyu fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

you gotta be kidding me??? LOL????

Anonymous said...

I love Kyu but I have to say that I'm not a fan of this concept or these photos. Anyway, good luck to him on his solo debut.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is most probably what B2m wants to achieve, for the people to get hyped by this sudden transformation. It did work, didn't it? Just look at the comment box here, 23 comments in a short time? How many times do we see this number of feedbacks here? I'm not digging the look but hey, we still do love the our sweet and eternal center, don't we? So much for the negativity. I think we all have to calm down, there must be some good reason for this, and I'm sure everything will turn out fine. Kyu fighting!

Chara said...

Wow, wow, wow...

Well, I guess I share a litte bit of everyone's feelings.

First of all: Big thanks to Etet, cause I think without your sensible post in the beginning this box would maybe be more filled with arguments.

My thoughts to this Concept: It's totally utterly madness! (Don't take it the wrong way.) It's exactely as Etet said, Kyu IS taking a big big risk with this. I can't say I'm delighted with that concept, and I'm not sure, who chose it and why it was chosen, because, yes, he does look feminine. If that's good or bad, I don't intend to judge this, cause that's everyone's subjective choice.

Anyway, whatever may happen, whatever comments there will be about the concept, Kyu himself and the music he is singing and doing:

I'M A TRIPLES AND I'LL ALWAYS BE ONE: So that's why my heart will always be with the boys, whatever the outcome is.

Anonymous said...

I kept seeing Leader in those poses. Aww... the twins. LOL

I'm glad he's going in a different direction than the SS501 days. It shows that he has grown as an artist. His confidence shows. I hope this shocking concept will get him noticed and bring him more fans. I think once he steps out of the shadow of being a SS501 member, he will succeed in the K-Pop world. Hope he'll succeed. He has a nice voice and a great dancer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...not sure what to say about KJ's concept. Really hope it's what some of the posters are guessing, b2M's trying to grab ppl's attention so that they'll buy or at least download his songs out of curiosity and that the songs are good enough to make them like the album. It's true enough that it's not at all that easy to attract the buying public. I agree too, let's not compare eventhough KJ and HJL do resemble each other somewhat, they have different personality...and totally different concepts when it comes to their albums. SS501 Hwaiting!Peace!

Anonymous said...

loving his teaser photo so much..why? coz this is one of the strategy to attract ppl attention and anticipating for the next teaser,yes its working..dont take this as negative one..very succesful indeed to suprise i will be looking forward his album coz his song will be composed by their hit song 'im ur man'..

Anonymous said...

What??!!! He morphed into a woman??!!

But I still love him, you know what, I'll grow a mustache !

Oh, Lighten up people! You know you'll still love him, right?

Anonymous said...

ok serioulsy...kyu whats wrong with ur company?? they made you look like a woman..nevermind..i really seriously hope that they r just throwing us off the real concept.
kyu i will support u no matter what cus i am a triple s. love u nd fighting!!

Anonymous said...

yes...this must create a BIG BUZZ over the SS501 community scrolly over my tweets and I saw B2M's,and it was something about Kyu. When I open it, I was like WHOA~ 100% total transformation!!! it's kinda new & somehow 'fresh' for everyone to 'accept'! never know that he's that bold to try out a brand new style for his solo comeback! well I think that this is a good starting point to venture all by himself and I can see determination in B2M, I'm sure what they do is what they believe that it will be succeed,they won't take an unrational risk right? for me, this change is absolutely acceptable and I'm looking forward to it! it is a positive sign of making a step forward!!so,everyone give him support and he needs everyone here very much!!!keep it up Kyu,I love it very much ;-) TS by ur side forever! peace^^

Anonymous said...

I love all your comments...

I know all of you loving Kyu very much..
ThanKyu so much...

he got 501% attention this day..LOL

Sayanggg said...

I cannot accept it but I will because it's you kyu! No matter what, I will support you always kyujongie! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I find it shockingly nice and the pics got me excited till now! I am sooooo looking forward to Kyu's mini album! He did mention that it'll be a shock to all :D and I have been waiting for it!


Anonymous said...

some artists who usually don't stand out or aren't often "talked" about turns to drastic measure to get the attention they desire. this whole campaign was to shock ppl and get them talking. it worked. the makeup, the pearl necklace, the white dress.........well, it isn't my cup of tea. I, for one, am glad none of the other 4 choose to take this drastic measure. I am glad they didn't weren't "courageous" enough to make this move. god, who would even think of such a concept....when i saw the photos, i knew right away it was kyu....i laughed out loud and then show them to my sis. it reminded me of TOP with white hair and the heavy makeup...and lady gaga. know one bother to talk about lady gaga until she started dressing crazy and pushed the envelope. the shock value speaks volume....but in the end, it's the work that will have to do the speaking...

Anonymous said...

I hate the concept and will not pay any interest for his album more.

Anonymous said...

My first impression was "WOW!! Who is this???" When i know it is Kyu.. I was like...Oh Gosh.. Actually it is ok for me to accept his white concept. It is a very impressive transformed! The only thing that I really don't like is the pearl necklace around his neck..Oh..why make him look so feminine...Anyway, I'm anticipating on his new album.. Kyu Jong fighting!! Hope you have a great come back!

Anonymous said...

im all for are brave to take the risk...i told you all just watch kyujong will be debak...and im ok too if there are fans comparing him to hyunjoong cause hyujoong dotes on his brothers and loves to see his ss501members did well in their solo.Trust kyujong and it will be alright those pictures are just somethings for us to anticipate more.

Anonymous said...

i LOVED it
i actually become more fond of kyu after this
so freaking amazing
lovely as always
normality is just too boring and concept photos are designed to gain attention
doing to usual thing would be forgotten as the day gone by
but this, this is awesome
i truly loved this
and he looks great is a plus point
doubt this would be his them or concept for this album
but heads are turning and that is exactly what he wants
brava KYU
u are one freaking amazing man

ping0119 said...

Why so harsh? This photo is so much different from the black album cover photo and anyway we don't even know the true concept yet. I think we should stay more objective first and judge when the whole concept is out.
I'm sure all 5 of them put in lots of efforts in whatever they do. If you don't appreciate, at least show some basic respect and I don't think we should use the word 'hate' on any 1 of them

Anonymous said...

Kyu looks really pretty in the first of the three thumbnail pics ^_^ even much prettier than a girl.. lol how?

I really got a shock, this concept is totally unexpected. Anticipating his teaser & album!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed with ping0119. We don't know the true concept yet, why be so quick to judge.

I for one will give my 501% support as I truly believe in him.

Kyu Jong, Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

I am extremely disappointed in many of the comments on here. You don't like a few pictures and your not going to support Kyu Jong? I thought it was about the music? When did it become about a few pictures or a supposed concept you don't like? Really disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Agree with ping0119 :D don't judge by the teaser,,why stating your hate when you haven't see the whole package :'(
maybe his strategy same with Super Junior Mr.Simple teaser photo..teasing with colorful and shocking photo,then perform with usual clothes..who knows?
I support Kyu,,he's so brave to make a bold transformation like this,,i bet he knew that not all people will accept this kind of transformation..
Kyu Jong will always be our sweet n humble Kyu :3

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't like some of the comments here and I will it as that.

Personally, I agree that Kyujong is taking a huge risk when he decided to adopt the concept. It's either he succeeds or he fails in this concept. Apparently some of the people are not receptive to it however we still manage to capture some attention. Yes, I agree that Kyujong needs that kind of attention. He isn't the most prominent memeber in SS501 and he might need this kind of picture to attract attention for his album. If you ask most of the international kpop fans, they wouldn't even know such a person exist. At least from the people surrounding me.

I see it this way. People saw his pictures, got interested and started searching or researching about him. Then they realised hey, this guy has done pretty well in the past (his musical) and has talent. This will increase their level of interest about him. Eventually they will decide to give him the benefit of the doubt (that he is just another idol trying to make a solo debut) and start listening to his music. I don't deny this might be a marketing strategy. Just like when you launch a new product, you need to capture the attention of the people in order to increase you sales. Without awareness, even the best music on this earth is nothing. So, if Kyujong did not take the risk, he will stay permanently in that position. He will not get the chance to move forward and only possibly backward. I'm sure nobody wants to see Kyujong stays put in the same position. We wants the best for him and we want him to succeed too. SO I believe in supporting him regardless of what kind of concepts he comes up with.

And I just want to mention another thing. Before people start to blame B2M, you must be aware that kyujong actually endorses it.I feel that B2M gives their artist quite alot of freedom. So if let's say Kyujong didn't want the concept, I am pretty sure that B2M can't do anything. Who knows, Kyujong might be the one (though I doubt so) who suggested the concept. B2M is just an agency that wants Kyujong to succeed because they stand to benefit from it too. So I hope fans can be rational enough to think about it in this direction too because an agency would never want to harm it's singers. Furthermore, Kyujong trusts them. So we should too right?

And yes, as a fan, I will never judge an album just on a few concept pictures. I told my friend (a suju fan) that suju's jacket album pictures are horrible but in the end, I still became pretty hook to their Mr Simple. All we need is the attention. If kyuJong can come up with superb songs, I'm pretty sure he will succeed because he already has the attention that he needs. Afterall, I saw someone posted that Kyujong's search has gone up in Naver (not sure about this though) after he released his album.

And for fans who are worried that he will promote in this attire, I highly doubt so. Afterall, the MV screenshot posted by the director revealed that KyuJong is in a pretty decent suit and attire. So I'm sure he will be fine.

And personally, I don't think that kyujong's pictures are that horrible. I might not be able to stand the top and the necklace but it's still Kyujong whom I am seeing at the back. As fans, we should look past the superficial background and know that hey! that's still my kyu! Afterall, he will still be our Kyujong regardless how he change. Anyway, Kyujong will forever be kyujong. Regardless how the concept photos look like, they are still my laptop and handphone wallpaper. ^^

Anyway, sorry for talking so much!~ Pardon my poor command of English language!

Anonymous said...

big change!


hey guys wear bling, blings...why not pearls? is there something wrong with this?

All of us have been conformed to the image of sweet, innocent, shy Kyu that this kind of photo shocks us.....its just the outer appearance that's change.....

...its what we call evolution...its what we call marketing...its what we say drama....and by golly...KYU really stepped out of his norm....bravo KYU for doing this!!!!(A)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have the same feeling and decesion.
I never support any scandals.

Anonymous said...

You are not supporting him cause of a few photos? You are not a fan in the first place so your opinion doesn't really matter. You obviously weren't planning to support him in the first place.

I don't mean to attack people but its upsetting to me to see those comments. Kyu is my bias and I absolutely hate these pictures but I will still support him. I will still preorder his album just like I did the other four. It will complete my SS501 collection and I can't wait.

Sushii said...

My first thought was "OMG, he's gonna comeback with 'I will survive'" LOL
The one thing bothering me is the WHITE make up, but that's for the photo so...
I won't criticize him about that, a new concept is good, everyone does almost the same on Kpop...I like the change. And I always like when Kyu does this different things, exploring is good, guys. =1
I can't wait anymore for his comeback....too anxious >.<
Kyu Hwaiting~

tieulang said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some people is judging the book by its cover. Just because these pictures are release doesn't mean that this is going to by kyu's comeback attire. Just wait for his comeback and see what he really has in store for everyone. It's really not fair that some are judging from these pictures and already decided to not support kyu. They haven't even heard the songs and already saying that they are not going to support him. It just breaks my heart that they are judging kyu's album by these pictures. no matter what the concept is for this album, i will surely support it 501%!! Kyu is going to do great for his comeback and will prove to those that were judging his album from these pictures wrong, that they have misjudge him. I totally can't wait for the teaser to be release and also his album too!! Kyu will always be our sweet, humble, and eternal center!! Fighting KYU!!!

Anonymous said...

Judging from the 50 + kilometric comments here I can tell the picture achieved its purpose -to shock,for people to take notice and for them to react. Now people to are reacting to the reactions -some become defensive and offensive for Kyu as a result.

At least it can be said they care for him to do that.But not to worry about those who don't like the concept .Can't please everyone.

zooleyka said...

Show people artistic photos and they'll be confused...
First of all it takes a lot of courage to go for this kind of concept in Korea. People get used to male idols cross dressing but when they see "artistic" version... Why even treat it so serious ?! It's just photoshots.

I don't understand why some people think that if someone plays with androgyny look is not manly, wth? How you get to this conclusion? So if someone wears monk's habit it makes him a monk?
Kyu is much more courages than Hyunjoong who recycled image that is widely accepted, went easy path.

Kyujong is very cautious person and I'm sure he think it trough, he was aware of the critic that will come. Do you remember bare backs of SS501 during Love Ya promotions? Well, that was Kyu's idea.

Anonymous said...

Plz don't compare KJ with Hyun Joong.
It makes me more angry and hating.

Anonymous said...

59 comments and still counting... to hell with the haters, Kyu FTW!

Anonymous said...

kyu is the bomb
dont care what others think
this is hawt
i am turn on by him
oh la la

and also why comparing kyu and hyun is bad?
dissing kyu is okay
dissing hyun is not okay?
what the hell

at least be supportive
dont have anything good then dont talk at all

Anonymous said...

@zooleyka I am very supportive of Kyu Jong and I have been an avid defender of what he has done here but don't cut down one member of SS501 while you are attempting to defend another. It just makes your comments mean spirited and just as bad if not worse than those that are cutting down Kyu Jong. Supporting one member does not mean you have to belittle another. Fans should be better than that.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4:47 pm - Neither is ok. Seriously is that what this fandom has turned into? Cutting down the members and being hateful towards those not your bias or those trying something new? This is not something I want to be a part of that's for sure.

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

yes... i can say, after countless hours trying to make myself calm down, i am proud of him...

not only is this a good marketing strategy (gaining interest etc) but it really shows how different he is from before. it'll prove to everyone who once rejected him that he is capable...

and kudos to him!

Anonymous said...

please don't start fanwar. Triple S are supposed to support all 5 members, remember? :)

zooleyka, really? the love ya bareback stage costumes was kyu's idea? i din noe tt! but anyhow, i love those costumes!! heeheehee

Anonymous said...

Well, tbh, not really liking the concept(esp the 3rd pic, sorry!) but then, let's wait for the album, i guess. It's the songs that'll make the difference n whether B2M did sth of an overkill>>> Btw zooleyka, not trying to be offensive or anything, but the 'recycled' concept album n 'taking the easy path' HJL did quite well with his album, u know. Not every solo artist can say that even with taking 'the easy path'. Sure, sweet Kyu's pretty brave in trying out this new concept of his, but whether his album will be as successful as his not so courageous hyung, hmm, that we'll have to see...

Anonymous said...

gals, this is only the "concept" photo, I had never been able to accept any of their concept photos, ..too heavy make up .. the important thing is their music, and don't worry, they won't go up the stage like that..

Anonymous said...

Yes.I'm not supporting him cause of a few photos.
Even it is a just "concept", I can not understand his purpose and idea.
I don;t want to spend my money for that kind of things.
I give up to make a whole 501 collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, please remember that we are all TripleS, alright?

Please take note of what we've been writing (: Some of the comments aren't very kind! Although they haven't done activities together in a while, don't forget their expectations for us! SS501 want their green peas to be polite and peace-loving, and that's how we've been for the past couple of years, so don't leave hateful comments, okay? (:

We've come so far together as TripleS now, let's not spoil our good reputation ^^

Be rational, calm and mature.

P.s I love the pictures, and I love Kyu as well. I will support him no matter what, just as how I will support the other members.

Liyaa said...

is it really him???
totally shocked.. :(

Anonymous said...

anon 8.12 :
its just concept photo..
and I think Kyu will perform with usual cloth..

Its just for make people interest for Kyu's album..

I respect your choice,.everybody have reason to hate or like something..

Maybe you will change your mind if the album release..hheheheh

We are Triple S always together..!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:12
let's just wait n see first...give darling boy a chance,,at least hear his music first,then it's up to you whether to support him or not^^

ping0119 said...

I admire Kyu's courage.

Agree with 12:02 PM, if you are not going to support him just because of these 3 freaking photos... Well, when the MV and songs and the whole concept are out and they are good... :)
Just like people who walked out of us last year, when they make a comeback... :)

At 8:12 PM, you probably weren't planning to include Kyu in your 501 collection in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Did HJL bias compare KYU with HJL?
some of you(definitely NOT HJL bias)compare them first then say KYU is Okay becaus HJL did the same way before(this is not true) or cut down HJL to praise KYU is more courages than him.
this is so rude and ridiculous.
this is KYU's concept, not HJL's.
then why are you compare with them and say KYU looks like HJL or HJL is not that courages as KYU?
to protect KYU? or to blame HJL?
neither of them is so BAD.
just talk about KYU! not HJL or other members!

and zooleyka...
i totally can't understand what you'd like to mean 'Hyunjoong who recycled image that is widely accepted, went easy path.' comment.
what image HJL 'recycled'?
have he ever been shown us somethig like break down's image before? NERVER!

HJL's safety zone is 'remain jihoo's soft, white, pure, delicate, prince image' NOT that 'manly, tanned, muscled, tough, macho image', isn't it?
but he made it! just opposite to your opinion!

don't you understand how much high risk that HJL has when he try to throw away his prince image as you said WIDE ACCEPTED?
especially in japan a lot of fan girls shocked that break down image!
but he did it! to transform! but what did you say to him?
to just protect KYU?
how rude!

NEVER cut down HJL or other members like that rude and careless way again especailly to protect someone!

Anonymous said...

This article is not about Leader so why the long irrelevant rant about him? You just made a mountain out of mole hill. You are freaking out about one comment but telling others to calm down. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

don't want to comment much!!
but i'm ok with the concept

just wanna tell that i'm totally agree with the above 12.15's comment

Anonymous said...

Kyujong i must congratulate you im the 78th commentator in this comment box.No other SS501 member can generate news to received this much comment.I must say its the transformation man you rock bebe.I dont understand why you peeps must fight over kyu and hyunjoong for all you know hyunjoong maybe going snowy white like kyu too soo those angry peeps take a chill pill and relaxs lah..
Yorobun be good and enjoy the ss501boys while they are still young and adventurous.Peace to th world.

Anonymous said...

Kyujong i must congratulate you im the 78th commentator in this comment box.No other SS501 member can generate news to received this much comment.I must say its the transformation man you rock bebe.I dont understand why you peeps must fight over kyu and hyunjoong for all you know hyunjoong maybe going snowy white like kyu too soo those angry peeps take a chill pill and relaxs lah..
Yorobun be good and enjoy the ss501boys while they are still young and adventurous.Peace to th world.

Anonymous said...

12: 43
then tell them stop comparing KYU with HJL and cut down HJL to protect KYU first.
there's no result without cause.
this is KYU's article as you said, then why are they talking about HJL and criticize him here?
just one comment? are you serious?
can't you see those comments which compare with members each other?
it even started the 2nd comment already.
if they didn't, no protest. don't you realize it or just ignore it?

as a matter of fact, i'm ok with KYU's pictures.
it's just concept images, and as we can see KYU's media pics of today, there's no change on KYU.
KYU is just KYU.
so i think this kind of argue is stupid.

but there's one thing bothers me. criticize HJL under KYU's article just to protect him is so unfair.
you should know it.
why always HJL? i'm sick of it.

if you don't want to see even one 'long irrelevant rant' under KYU's article, it's very simple.
don't use HJL to protect others.
then there's absolutely NO protest at all.
but if you did, it will be NOT an 'long irrelevant rant' anymore.

Anonymous said...

KYU even erased his adams apple to look like a woman... the man's symbol... omg... is this what he wants? i'm so shocked...

Anonymous said...

1 or 2 comments out of 80 is causing you to lose your mind? Lol, I'm dying here. You are too funny.

slimz1808 said...

chk these tweets from Josh to us:

@joshrosemusic Josh Rose
Very proud of @2kjdream & his vision. He's not a singer, he's a true artist. I know first hand how hard he works & how much he loves u fans

@joshrosemusic Josh Rose
@2kjdream @TaewanakaCLuv and Han made an amazing mini album that you will all love. I feel blessed to have been able to watch its' creation.

etet said...


I'll be in Seoul too for Goong.... Would luv to meet!

Also saw the "tweets" of Josh Rose... My "curiosity" is about to explode... And need to put CB on the agenda... hmmmm.... guess no sleep for this "old ajumma"!!! hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I love HJ and am proud of it.
I must talk about him on this forum as he has just been insulted.
As if his choice was so 'easy', he had to work his butt off to get his well deserved success. His strong manly image could not be more different from his Ji Hoo softness. He got out of his comfort zone and how!!
He made a choice and I celebrate his choice and am thankful he didn't have to make any other.Please respect him for his choice as you respect and support KJ's.

Also if you give someone the space to support and defend KJ you must give us the same space to defend HJ who did nothing here.
This may be KJ's turf as this should be about him but it does not give anyone the right to insult HJ on KJ's article. It's more than rude it's belligerent.

If this is a rant, I am entitled. No one will leave his or her bias undefended. We didn't start this .

pengfoo said...

I should not even have used the cloak of anonymity. I stand by HJ and be counted at 9:40

pengfoo said...

Here, I have contributed to KJ's cause. I have added 3 to the numbers of the comments.

Anonymous said...

Good lord no one insulted Leader get over it, get over yourself. Sorry not everyone worships everything Leader does. The people here are criticizing Kyu and one person criticizes Leader and you are making a big deal out of it. ALL 5 members (Leader, Saeng, Kyu, Min, and Baby) are allowed to be criticized, no one is excluded. Get used to it.

Anyway back to important things: Kyu's teaser out in less than 24 hours. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord you guys. Leader and Kyu are friends and SS501 members.. what the heck is going on with these comments? I'm sure that the Triple S that talked about Leader's image being recycled isn't really insulting him. That Triple S is merely stating the fact that lots of Kpop groups/soloists uses the Dark, manly concept. It is a concept that has been recycled over and over in Kpop history. As for Kyu, it's the first time that someone in Kpop picked up a womanly image due to the fact that we all know that Korea doesn't really open up to the topic of homosexuality. Kyu's concept is rather new and shocking because he looks really womanly and he is risking this to get attention. Leader, I have to say, we knew he was manly from Please Be Nice to Me and his sexy Rain dance fancam. Kyu... he has never shown us his feminine side.. this was what the TS was trying to say and not trying to insult Leader or anything. Please keep the peace here, I'm sure lots of Triple S are sad to see this and especially Liezle.

Anonymous said...

Im not Kyu bias or HJL bias..
I love all of them....

I love all about SS501..
just this concept photo,..make us fight?

Can we support all of them whatever they do whatever their choice...

Come on Triple S...We can together to support them...

slimz1808 said...

OMO..this has become a forum.. apologies Liezle ...
@ etet ..u on twitter or come add me @slimz1808 and we can 'discuss' abt Goong !!!
we are hoping to go for at least one of his CB music shows too.. but now worried coz we aren't members of ThanKyu !!

etet said...

Not on twitter...... But Liezle has my 'address'....
ThanKYU Liezle ........ See ya all soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that I'm so glad that HJ don't have to dress this way to sell his album. My sympathies goes to KJ, I don't think he like it himself but he have no choice.

ki_neth05 said...

I agree to anon.10:29am... we should keep the peace here. As leader said, he doesn't want us fans to fight. I agree that Kyu Jong is showing us that he is a true artist. Kyu jong is a dear friend to leader, so as the other members and I'm sure he wants his members to be successful too.
I will support all of them.

Little Green Pea said...

B2M is doing a great job.. even youngsaeng prove us he's not only restricted to ballads only..

I'm looking forward for Kyu's solo.. He's the type that care for what people say, even the smallest matter. By this brave action, I think he's building a stronger personality, to be a stronger person facing all these challenges as singer.

We're going to see a braver and stronger Kyu~^^

Good luck, Kyu! ><

Anonymous said...

At 10:29..... How about this then?

Anonymous said...

Lets countdown...
Teaser will be out soon..


Anonymous said...

Gosh,people,let's grow up,ok? NOBODY in fact insulted leader. Here's the page where everybody can share an opinion. Comparing 2 members of SS501 in a polite way DOESN'T mean being rude or whatever.
If you are so blind and don't understand this simple difference,come back to your elementary classes,that's what I advise you.
So please,stop telling stupid things because that's NOT what TripleS fans do.It's so embarassing!

zooleyka said...

Really, people what with you?

Bashing is wrong, criticizing is not cause it doesn't mean that belittle someone just that you think he's able do thinks better.

Who's better blind fan or fan who loves while seeing all the flows along with good things?
Fan who will deny mistakes of his idol or the one who says that tomorrow will be better?

It's like difference between true and false friend.

SS501 cherishes honesty and I go along with it.

Hyunjoong put a lot of work in his debute and he was awesome on stage. His image was mainstream, something common in k-pop since the Rain's debute. That's a fact and I think Hyunjoong would agree.

Kyujong's photos are one of very most eccentric in k-pop world of 2011. That's a fact. We can only guess that it took a lot of courage to push this image for photoshots.

If you can't criticize then all that's left is to nod along with most of the people and that's not constructive in any area.

Anonymous said...

OMO! this article is such an attention getter....chill guys....tonight B2M will release the MV teaser for Our KyuJong's Turn Me ON...let's anticipate excited...aren't you guys excited too? 100 comments and counting...

KyuJong HwaiGoong^^

Triple S Mansaeh!

Anonymous said...

Kyu, dear Kyu, what in the world are u doing? Hope it'll go well for u though. I know this is out of topic but, eh zooleyka, may i know why u said that about HJL out of the blue? Why do u need to mention HJL AT ALL, n to especially say THAT about Hyun Joong, n NOT any one of the other 3members? It's not surprising that HJL's fans found that to be insulting. My dear, the way u wrote sounded like a bashing or belittling him rather than constructive criticism. Just give your thoughts on Kyu since this article IS about him.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:39
GDragon's concept is manlier compare to Kyu's concept. G-Dragon didn't take it to another step by wearing a genuine feminine icon like pearls.

liezle said...

Hey everyone!

You guys might be surprised why I am not closing down this comment box, right? Why would I when I read A LOT of nicely written comments from fans. Though it saddens me and makes me cringe that there are still some who are sensitive and too defensive.

Alright, I understand that there are people who are not receptive to constructive criticism. And some might feel that criticism is negative. This can destroy the intent of constructive criticism which leads to fanwar in this case.

So may I suggest that you guys be more open minded and not to be too inclined in finding fault too readily to every word being written.

So relax guys and chill. Being too critical may lead to early wrinkles.

Anonymous said...

Since there are so many comments about HyunJoong's comeback, I'll give my 2 cents worth, also. (I know this article is about KyoJong, so "sorry.")

I didn't think HyunJoong took the safe route. I got the impression that his intention wasn't for the shock value, but basically wanting to let us know that he has grown, age wise and also as an artist. He is 25, after all. It's natural to want to be taken more seriously as a musician, rather than just another idol. I'm sure he wants to be in it for the long haul.

Why would he need to shock us in the first place? Why would any artist? It's up to that individual artist. Each artist has their own vision of where they want to take their music. Many artists don't go for the shock value and are very popular. At the end of the day, it's all about the music.

If this seems like a baby step from his SS501 days, I'm glad he took it. I rather have him do something that he's comfortable with, than go the extreme just to get attention and fail to hold that attention. (I'm not directing anything at KyoJong so please don't start the hate. I don't know much about KyoJong to say anything about him. This is all about HyunJoong.)

Anonymous said...

I am going to apologize because I was the first one to ask that others don't cut down one member in order to praise another but I will not apologize for what I said because you can spin it any way you want it but that comment was a swipe at Hyun Joong. May not have been her intention but it was. If she had wanted to make a point about Kyu Jong's bravery in his concept then she should have mentioned all the others too not just Hyun Joong but I don't believe it's necessary to mention them at all. I have been supporting, praising, and defending Kyu Jong and not once have I mentioned the other members to do it. All the members are taking a big risk and putting themselves out there by doing solo activities. They have all said they were scared, nervous, and stressed about it. Kyu Jong has taken a bigger risk with his concept pictures most definitely but comparing the members just causes messes like this. That is what I was trying to get across in my comment but I will apologize to you Liezle for starting the mess. I am sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

Oh,the last Anonymous just get the ... out of here,ok?
"she should have mentioned all the others too not just Hyun Joong but I don't believe it's necessary to mention them at all. "

No she shouldn't,she's a free netizen and she doesn't need to listen to you,sad but true ;/

Liezle explained the situation(I totally agree with her and disagree with you) so why don't you cut it out? That's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Protect and say only nice things but come one, why do they have to use such a shocker of a concept? Why need to go this way instead of mainstream? It's open for criticism anyways, you can't tell others to think otherwise if they don't like it. If Kyu can't take criticism he shouldn't be in showbiz then!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7.22 is really insensitive, offensive and ridiculous.
She just lashes out and gives an off-hand order to another commenter to get out and thinks others should just take it lying down and let that go and listen to what she says even when there is nothing constructive coming from her.
But it is just like her, the self- proclaimed judge and jury.By her own admission, she thinks no one, (herself first) needs to care what anyone else thinks - take any responsibility for what comes out of her mouth. Pathetatic!
You should take a look at yourself in the mirror.

As if saying something nice about liezle validates you. Come off your high horse and while my juices are flowing - Go take a hike yourself.

Anonymous said...

anon @9:18 that's just it, this is not abt kyu who can't take criticisms. as what others have already stated here, kyu must have taken a long time to decide and accept this concept, including the criticisms he would and have received once the photo got out...

the issue is with some people who are just too defensive and unreasonable...

this all started when 1 mentioned 'Kyu is looking like Hyun Joong did way back when he was skinny. The facial expressions also look like Hyun Joong then, although he has different hair color and more feminine make-up on.'

i honestly believe that that was just a simple, innocent remark with no malicious intent, whatsoever...

but then, 1 fan suddenly had to say 'Don't compare Kyu Jong with Hyun Joong.
Hyun Joong is manly.'

like duh, whoever said that hyun joong was not manly? she was the one who put too much meaning to the simple statement by the other...

i too have always thought that kyu, at some angles, do look like hyun joong. i sometimes refer to them as twins too. I am pretty sure that other fans have one time or another mistaken some pictures of kyu as hyun joong's and/or vice versa.

comparing kyu's look to be somewhat similar to hyun joong's was a simple statement of fact, and nothing more. people who put too much meaning and exaggeration to something as simple as that is what turned this whole thing into a fiasco.

kyu came out with a new pic, a concept pic at that, and some people suddenly treat him like some criminal who did a heinous crime... come on people, just think for a few seconds... those are just pictures, no need to get personal (this is directed to those who bluntly said they will not buy kyu's album)... what did kyu ever do to you?

as others here have already said, those people probably didn't plan on buying his album in the first place... i mean, changing your plan of buying his album because of a mere concept picture? that is just plain immature... but then again, maybe those people who said that are just teenagers... if that's the case then, they are excused... teens are bound to be immature and unreasonable most of the time anyway...

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:22 - That is exactly what I am going to do. I love this blog and I have been coming here for a long time but people like you have made this into a hate fest and I no longer enjoy coming here. Thank you Liezle for all the love and support you have given SS501 but sadly it is time for me and your blog to part ways. I love SS501 and I support all five members as a group and individuals but there are just too many on here that support only their biases and have become hateful and rude with their comments.

Anonymous said...

@zooleyka really what a comment, had to mention somebody just to praise someone (his always the fall guy really)....KHJ doesn't need this kind of gimmick or attention getting concept since his famous already..people will always be interested in what he is doing ok...this is the reason that I rarely goes in this blog..people here are so rude and insulting ( and it make me into one too)..goodbye My Crazy Lil' Corner..Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

For the umpteen time please don't compare HJ with KJ and say they look like twins, they look entirely different. If KJ do really look like HJ he won't have to resort to this very daring stunt.

Anonymous said...

To the person above me: Don't come back, we don't need your negativity here.

Kyu's concept is a little weird but we all love him nonethless.

Anonymous said...

To the person above me: Who are you to tell others what to do? Kyu look like HJ's twin? Read the rest of the comments b4 you post. Who are you representing? All who come to this blog? Is this a strictly Kyu fan club blog? As Anon @9:18 said if Kyu can't take criticism then don't try such radical concept!

Anonymous said...

this blog for SS501 and Triple S..
Dont fight...Please..T.T

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23

I agree,your intensions were good because I was a bit too harsh and I said something that I didn't intend to.

I'm sorry for my first sentence,because what I meant was to quit this conversation,not to get anybody out.
Anyway,I apologise,my fault.

But really,you don't know me.What 'is always like me'? Your opinion was also offensive because there's nothing about judging others and really...sometimes everybody loose nerves.Especially when it comes to something like that.You shouldn't write all this.

The line about comment.
Not to mention,that's not my first post so I take responsibility for my words.You assumed it other way round. And in fact,you are also angry so you write useless things (just like me)

I told about Liezle only because I personally think her post should quit this sensless conversation because it's the most reasonable -only because of that.If you don't believe me - I don't care.

And I do think about others,because one of my friend is being attacked by you (some people here).That's why I took this too personally.

Anon 11:42 - I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Peace no War. Cool off and don't post any more comment be it good or bad. As of now, there are 116 comments on this topic, enough already. We need to move on to the next phase and that is waiting for KJ's debut on the 27th Sep.

Let's forgive and forget whatever unpleasantness here for I am sure KJ and the other members of SS501 don't wish to see us fight.

Everyone is entitled to his choice on whether to continue supporting any members of SS501.... Freedom of choice.... Whatever your decision may be, it should be respected, therefore let's not fight over it.

Prior to 27th Sep, please take this period as a cooling off period. It's sad that some chose to stomp off in anger, try to find it in your heart to let KJ have an opportunity to show us his talent.

Kyu Jong, Fighting!!!
SS501, Fighting!!!
To everyone who posted their comments here, Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

i assume most of us are kpop activists.
have you even commented on leader's article & said about leader is overact but the others are underact ;
said sth the articles are not worth to post when allkpot post leader's article ......
if we are really take it serious the fans war will be continue non-stop ......
just hope all of us can keep thing in cool in the First place.
please all of us. just comments positivist words and be a little consideration to the others.
love our idol , but please be aware what you laid off ......
keep cool, keep clam, it is the way to remain peace.
since this is for kyu's come back. so just hope it will be successful ......

Anonymous said...

Ok I've been reading all this crap and haven't commented because it completely disgusted me. The only ones who were being attacked here were KKJ and I'm sorry but that "easy route" comment I also took as kind of an insult about KHJ. I was so happy seeing so many defend KKJ for his bravery but using any of the other members as a way to compare only gets other people upset. I know you have the right to say whatever you want but sometimes having the right doesn't make it right. But if you're going to do it then be ready for others differing opinions. In other words if it's ok to defend KKJ then don't get all pissy when people defend KHJ or for that fact any of the other members. What you see as a simple comment just might not come across that way to someone else.

To those who keep commenting saying "I'm so glad KHJ didn't do this" and "don't compare KHJ to KKJ" and other comments like that. If you don't want KHJ compared then leave him out of the comments. Simple solution. Geez.

Oh and before I go. NO ONE has the right to tell anyone to get off of this blog. I don't care how mad you get especially if you are going to make the comment that everyone is free to say what they want. Not right at all.

Now I am done with this whole mess and will from now only read the updates about SS501. This comment section has gotten beyond ridiculous in my opinion.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Misswhatever said...

The Best Critics Award goes to Kim Hyun Joong
The Best Gimmick Award goes to Kim Kyu Jong
I love them both!

SS501 forever!!

sinthia said...

well...the necklace is kinda shocking, but I like to see Kyu is trying new things. Why not him? He has to explore all sides of him,in my opinion, it's good for his career if he can show his versatility.