Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Article] Jung Min Drowning Scene in 'Fondant Garden'

Third translation about YES interview with Jung Min and the casts of 'Fondant Garden'. Heaps of thanks to rainaftershine for sharing once again in her blog.

In this article, it's so funny at the same times nice to read how protective Jung Min's manager to him. Could this manager be Ranka Chan?

Btw, Jung Min knows how to swim, right?


[News] Fake drowning turns real by dropping into sea, non swimmer Park Jung Min screamed murder
English translation:
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Created by Angie Chai, idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’ starring Park Jung Min, Kingone Wang and Shara Lin have been shooting for half a month. Korean star Park Jung Min came to Taiwan for the drama filming films a fake drowning scene whereby it turns real when Shara Lin pulled him down the sea. He who is not familiar with the water yelled continuously “It was so scary, she wants to murder me.” He was asked if Taiwan girls are really man (in characteristic), he laughed and said “(They are) So fierce!”

Park Jung Min is a standard flower boy said that he is actually concerned about the relationship with one another the most when he comes to Taiwan for filming. He revealed that he contacts with Kingone Wang by sending text message but did not contact the actresses in private. After hearing what he said, his Korea manager immediately explained that it is to avoid rumours “I was the one who doesn’t allow him to send text messages to girls.”

As for what was written in the text message? Because Park Jung Min typed it in Korean, it still made Kingone Wang at a loss for what he was trying to say till now. He said “I had to flip the book after reading his text message, but I still don’t understand anything.”

Park Jung Min who came to Taiwan not only uses Chinese during the filming of drama with the other actors, he even used Chinese throughout the entire interview, and is really putting in efforts on it. The drama crew inevitably taught him the ‘*Three Character Classic (*Cursed/Vulgar word) and he almost blurted it out at the scene which made his manager nervous and stopped him immediately. This makes Kingone Wang said “His burden is relatively heavy.”

Kingone Wang who is 31 years old took another challenge of acting in an idol drama, as all of his working partners are all younger than him, he jokingly said “I am used to it.” And yesterday, he acted like a big brother at the scene. He also acted in the drama ‘Next Heroes’ recently. Because he was acting deep into the drama, he became arrogant outside the drama which his father is unable to stand it and told him to pay attention (to his attitude).


Anonymous said...

In one of the airport video, Ranka Chan was seem sending PJM off to Taiwan. JM travelled with another guy (manager?). The interview was conducted after JM return to Taiwan, so I don't think it's Ranka Chan. By the way, does Ranka Chan knows mandarin?

Anonymous said...

I saw SS501 video taken a few years ago in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. PJM, Baby and HYS were swimming like fishes in the water. KKJ was the only one who didn't dare to swim at that time.

I guess even if you know how to swim, being pulled with some force under the water unexpectantly is still rather scary. For a non swimmer like me, I probably don't even have the strength to scream murder.... heehee

Anonymous said...

oh, dear. be careful, JM! XD thanks, rainaftershine!!