Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Article] Brotherly Love at M! Countdown

Media immediately picked up MnetCountdown tweet about Hyung Jun and Young Saeng giving support to Kyu Jong as he make his comeback today (probably at this very minute) on M! Countdown.

Here's an article I lifted from AKP. Much thanks to Vitalsign!


[Article] SS501′s Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Jun visit M! Countdown to support Kim Kyu Jong’s solo debut
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
Courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

To support Kim Kyu Jong‘s solo debut, fellow SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun personally made a visit to the set of Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘!

On September 29th, the official ‘M! Countdown’ Twitter updated with a picture of the trio and the message, “Hyung Jun & Young Saeng came to support Kyu Jong’s solo debut. Kim Kyu Jong prepared for his solo stage amidst a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere.”

Dressed in his stage outfit, Kyu Jong can be seen posing between his two handsomely dressed group members. With arms slung over one another’s shoulders, the group smile for the camera while giving a thumbs-up for good luck.

Fans commented, “Such a friendly picture”, “He must feel so strong to have his members supporting him for his first stage”, and “Let’s make a daebak with your solo!”


Here's a photo of Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun at the set of Mnet Wide News tweeted by MnetWide.


Anonymous said...

Love it..
SS501 always have a good friendship and love to another member...

but,.where is HyunJoong..?
they should drag HyunJoong to coming...maybe he still prctice or sleep..LOL

Anonymous said...

@6.39PM, KHJ is busy, busy, busy... check out the below link.

Hi Liezle, found the above link from rainaftershine blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..I read that too...

its funny to seeing what HyunJoong write..

still 4D Leader..LOL

Anonymous said...

Ask again for Huyn Joong.
I'm tired to hear it.

ping0119 said...

It's ok that Leader wasn't there physically. We all know in our hearts he supports Kyu too^^ All 5 of them certainly support each other in their works. We don't really need photos to prove it..
As Kyu said in Newsen interview, "if you are close to someone, must you actually really act close by greeting one another and such". Brotherhood between 5 of them needs not be explained, it is evident over the past 6 years 3 months.

BeeSS said...

this pic remind me the U R MAN days....
love this picture so much!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is busy filming a commercial. They are all busy and they all support each other the best way they can. They don't have to be physically there to be supportive.

Anonymous said...

love their friendship and somehow on this blog i alwasy notice KHJ haters...hmmm.. makes you wonder if this blog is where all KHJ haters come!! Most of the article here i notice if he aint appearing picture with them or somewhat...the haters says he is thoughless or not loyal anymore. Come on!!! Liezle i used to stalk your blog day and night about news of the boys, but nowdays i just check to see whats happening. I love SS501 not YHS, KKJ, KHJL,KHJM,PJM i love them as one. From the moment you fell in love with SS501 serious the first person you blog about is KHJL, but now you hardly do, and when you do only a little. I know you're one of those who blame him for their sepration or for something else... But in mind without one of them,
SS501 is useless.. Sorry if i offended you in anyways but like i just tell it as i see it.

Anonymous said...

Did some really just accuse Liezle of not posting about Leader? She post about him all the time! She post all the members equally. One of the reasons I love this blog is because its nonstop shop for most of my SS501 news.
How dare you go on someone's blog and post unfounded accusations.

Anyway I got distracted. Love love seeing them all together. Its like URMan days. Notice Baby has kind of stolen Saeng's chubby cheeks. lol

liezle said...

Hello 6:56.

I don't think you've visited my blog for the past few days and only came today and noticed that I didn't post a single thing about KHJ yesterday. ^^ Am I correct? If you are looking for stuffs only about HJL this is not the blog you're looking for because I blog about all the members.

I dont' usual come around defending myself but just to make things straight in some of your accusations, I mentioned before that I was a silent fan of SS501 until I decided to come out sometime in 2006 and during that time the boys were doing individual activities (JM Grease, HJL WGM, and the sub unit).

I ask you, where you with me in Seoul when the news about them breaking up came out? I guess not because you don't know how I was then and if you were there you wouldn't accuse me of what you just wrote above. Was there any post of mine that I blamed HJL? If yes please direct me to it. I believe that your accusation is baseless.

For your info as well as the others,I blog only stuffs wherein I have things to say and not just blog and post data because that's just not my style. From your post I think I know where you are coming from. You are looking at data on HJL which I didn't post. Well, like I said I only blog when I have some info about the videos and photos otherwise my blog will become a data blog which I am avoiding.

For sometime now, I actually feel a bit guilty for not putting much news about HJB. There are many vids and news about him but I hardly know some facts about the them so I really cannot share much. So let me apologize to some HJB fans and I promise to make up later.

That's all folks. Geez, this a KJ post and here I am explaining to someone things that seems too blur for her.



P.S. Let's celebrate KJ's success and wait for his comeback in MuBank later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle, love your blog and this is always the first place that I go to check for updates about our boys. Please just keep it up, keeping this blog is already one hell of a tough thing to do. I always appreciate all of the things that you post here, because I know that everything requires time and effort.

Enough about the rant, love our sweet Kyu's performance to bits! seriously, it's just flawless. It clearly showed how experienced and how fine an artist he is, from all of the dance moves, controlled singing voice, and camera projection. Can't wait for his next performance. Yesterday daebak!

Anonymous said...

*facepalm* I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Liezle does not ever have to explain herself. This is her blog she can post what she wants to post. So that should be the end of that.

But come on people! Can't we just be happy that HYS and Baby were there with KKJ?

Please let's stop all this silly bickering! Let's please just stop doing things like comparing the members. It's not a competition. They are all great! If you have a favorite that's just peachy. If you have a least favorite that's just peachy too but seriously do you have to tell the whole world which member is your least favorite or which member you don't like and why? I personally don't think so. Just praise your favorites and leave the others alone. That way no one gets riled up and no one gets their feelings hurt. Sure people can say what they want but why would anyone want to hurt someone's feelings? That's what anti fans do not the fans.

And since this seems to be the most controversial problem maybe it would be best if everyone just stops mentioning KHJ what seems like every 2 seconds in the comments especially if the article really has nothing to do with him. I am not telling anyone what to do. I am just making a suggestion here. And just so you know I am referring to those who like him and to those who don't. As a long time fan I know he got a lot of bashing and sometimes still does so I know fans are defensive and I do understand but sometimes you just have to ignore it. Now to those others out there who think they are being too sensitive or think they are being silly why don't you just for one moment step back and think about what if you put another members name (say your bias for instance) in that questionable comment how would it make you feel? Then decide if they are being too sensitive or silly. You might be a bit surprised at the answer.

What this all comes down to is that all 5 of them are still SS501 and one day they will be back together. They can not be SS501 without each other and without us fans so is this the kind of fan base you want them to come back to? I know I don't. So please can we just give it a rest already.

Anonymous said...

Liezle, you're doing a great job with this site and this is someone who is a HJB bias. I admit I go to other sites for updates about him but your site is a great way for me to catch up with what the other members are up to. This is your site and you are entitled to post about whoever you want.

For all the people who complain about why one member is not present when some others are, stop. They are all very busy and can not show up to all events but that doesn't mean they don't support each other behind the scenes. For those that get defensive over others questioning why their bias isn't there, remember that this is something all fans have to deal with whenever their bias is not present at such events. Just ignore it.

Now, about the article. The friendships between the members is really amazing. At this point I no longer care if they make a comeback as a group. I know that even if they don't, they will always stay great friends who will support each other unconditionally.

kelly said...

Liezle has been one of the most unbiased fan of DS that I come across even though I only know her through here. The fact that so many of us visit her blog tells. And one thing I respect her is, she only publishes things after checking the accuracy. It is not easy job.

Liezle, I hate to be mushy, but really thank you so much. I know I just need to step inside here to find out the latest and most accurate news.

liezle said...

thanks to everyone liking my blog. ^^


sinthia said...

I couldn't help but give a big smile when I read the title of the article. I'm sure all triple S around the world feel happy seeing them supporting Kyu. ^^
I just love when they let us know these little demonstration of affection towards each other. *.*

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Liezle. I just found your blog when I was looking for KJ comeback. I love it. I love the way you commented and expressed your thought/feeling. You make me want to go out with you on every SS501 event you attend. At the KJ CD signing event, I felt how you were mesmerized by KJ. By the way, where are you located? I am in Hawaii. Mahalo (Thank you) for your hard work and up-to-date news. You are wonderful. I will make frequent visit. Kasangmida.