Sunday, September 25, 2011

[FanCam] Jung Min's Impressive Singing of 'Missing You' & More 09.24.11

Finally a good fancam of Jung Min performing Missing You from the 2011 Korean Music Wave in Malaysia. Thanks to iamsom for re-tweeting tweet and for the tip to YT channel.

I've read from tweets last night that Jung Min did a wonderful performance singing the OST from the Princess' Man. I believe this is the first time he sang this on stage and watching from this fancam I am really impressed. I've seen other fancams but this one taken by is good so I am shoving here. Thanks!

After hearing him sing again for the nth time since last night, I miss Jung Min performing on stage.

Here are the rest of his performance from last night.

Kara Kara

Everyday is Christmas

Not Alone

Do You Know


Lilue said...

I believe Jung Min did say that it was his first time performing this song live. His voice is soo cool & he looked really cool that night (except that he's too thin really)..

Anonymous said...

JM is such a KILLER in that Kara kara performance !!! Omo, I really don't like his too tight pants and the stylist used such a dark fountain for his makeup, but he looked INCREDIBLY HOT ! :O Plus the sexy choreo of Kara kara :-ss

Jung Min is soooooo dangeroussssssssss :-ss

kj_neth05 said...

He's so hot and sexy even with sweat dripping!

tetsu_girl said...

thanks, HilHil & liezle, for sharing the nice fancams!
JM did a great job with "Missing You"; almost perfect! and of course the others were great, too.