Sunday, September 18, 2011

09.17.11 S/Tweet Treats

First day of staging of musical 'Goong' in Seoul. Check out Young Saeng and Hyung Jun's greetings. Thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501.


[Trans] 09.17.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English Translation by xiaochu @

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2011-09-17 @ 12:56 AM
HyungJun87 SuperStarK is really interesting happy.gif 2 months Hwaiting~

2011-09-17 @ 3:21 PM
runi6216 I went to watch Goong yesterday~ Goong is even more interesting now~! Very nice to see everyone and had a fun time~!! KyuJong, YuJun do well for the first performance~~Hwaigoong~! And~~Hwaiting for my performance today~!!ke

2011-09-17 @ 9:11 PM
Bong_Actress KyuJong fansite 'JaeJaRi' sent a flower basket~ Thank you ^0^ It's very pretty~♥♥

2011-09-17 @ 10:10 PM
mystyle1104 Came to watch KyuJong musical "Goong"~^^ Enjoyed watching it~ke KyuJong has been working hard.. well done keke Please support him lots~ Please give lots of love for Musical "Goong"!! Hwaiting!!!

2011-09-17 @ 10:42 PM
HyungJun87 Kim KyuJong Hwaiting! Goong DaeeeeeBak^_^

2011-09-17 @ 10:47 PM
b2ment [Kim KyuJong] Our Prince has splendidly finished his first Goong performance~ Isn't he handsome?? And thank you to all the fans who are withus. Please have a safe journey home in the rain. Until the last performance, Hwaigoong!

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