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[Scanned Pix & Trans] Kim Hyun Joong in Taiwan's TRENDY Magazine Ish No. 27

I got a surprise email and yeah super loads of thanks to Lichi for emailing her translation of Day 1 of the 26 pages Taiwan's Trendy Magazine Issue No.27 that feature no less than Kim Hyun Joong.

I am attaching also in the post scanned pix from the magazine courtesy of Mint Angel five o one.TW that were lifted by veggiedlight on Baidu.

Again, Lichi thank you for the translation and MA501 for the scanned pix.


Date.1 Date with KHJ for afternoon tea.
English translation by Lichi / www.liezle.blogspot.com


Date: 2011/8/14 evening Location: Taipei Far East Plaza Hotel

Taiwanese fans have been waiting for 2 years, finally Kim Hyun Joong visited Taiwan with his new album.Trendy who competed for getting the precious chance to interview exclusively should treat this long-time-no-see good friend well. In order to let Kim Hyun Joong have a good afternoon tea date, Trendy prepared many foodstuffs full of Taiwanese flavors with hearts. Seeing the snacks occupied the whole table, HJ said happily, But when he took up the Bubble Tea, he asked with subtle expression in a sudden, " WOW, there are so many snacks." " Is Bubble Tea made of tea? " He saw Trendy nodding, and took a big swallow, and said, From the previous impressions, Trendy thought Hyun Joong doesn't quite like Bubble Tea, so we asked him out of curiosity. " It's good!"" I thought it was coffee! Because I don't drink coffee, I didn't try it. But after trying it, beyond my expectation, it's really good." HJ answered with helplessness, and people all laughed out loud. Gosh, indeed the 4D HyunJoong, we actually told you it's a kind of drink combining tea and milk at the very first time!


Before the start of interview, Trendy chatted with HJ about the HIVE FIVE event which just ended. To the downpour, HJ said in a good mood, " I'm happy to meet with fans. It's fine with raining. I've got used to it. It seems that it would rain whenever I visited Taiwan. It also rained during my last visit." Trendy told HJ Taiwanese proverb has it that "someone who goes with rain is a rich man". He couldn't help but laugh out loud after listening to it, and said with nods, " Seriously~that's wonderful! " And this afternoon tea date started with the good smell of food and HJ's laughing.

Trendy: Parting for 2 years, you visit Taiwan again. How do u feel?
HJ: Although it's not very long in term of 2 years, but I feel it's like a long time. This visit to Taiwan I see long-time-no-see fans again, and everyone is still very passionate welcoming me and supporting me. It makes me energetic, and the thought of organizing a concert is burning. (read: can't wait to realize it) But the event just now, it really rained cats and dogs, fans should be drenched with much rain, I hope they won't get cold. In addition, when I spoke, it would thunder. Was it that everyone couldn't hear me at all? Because whenever I spoke, it rumbled. But it's a very special experience. (lol)


Trendy: The solo mini album "Break Down", it has great results both in Korea and in Taiwan, plz introduce the album to us. Which song do you want to recommend in this album?
HJ: "Break Down" is for conveying the image of Kim HyunJoong different from the past to everyone. I hope to transform to a more masculine and more matured man from the image of being a young idol singer. Therefore, I want the genres of songs and the choreography could be presented like this. Hmmm...the most recommended song is definitely "Break Down", I would recommend "KISS KISS", too. Although it's a livelier song, but the cuteness of it is not just pure and innocent, how to say.....should be like " wanting to be in love, the cuteness in rather mature."

Trendy: Besides being a singer, you also have drama works, to HJ, what's the most interesting part respectively?
HJ: Being a singer, in order to fully convey my own work, I have to do my best to sing, to show my charm and to dominate the atmosphere on stage. The performance and domination on stage are not only the big challenge but the most interesting part to a singer. As for being an actor is to interpret another person. Not KHJ, it's to play another person, I have to study and perform another person's life and the way of speech...and so on. I think it's very interesting to me.

Trendy: Except being a singer and an actor, what else do u still want to challenge?
HJ: Hmmm, currently no. Because these two works have been quite big burdens to me, haha~


KHJ's vacation island puzzle?
Since U:ZOOSIN said he wanted to come to Taiwan for vacation, Trendy had to ask for everyone where it would be exactly. Asked HJ if it was Penghu, U:ZOOSIN nim thought for 3 seconds with his head tilting, and nodded. But he added with no certain, " Is it famous for snorkeling there?" So was it Green Island? But he added, " Is there surfing over there?" So actually HJ wanted to go to Kenting? Until the end of interview, where U:ZOOSIN wanted to go for vacation was still a puzzle.


Trendy: Guangzhou Asian Game last year, HJ challenged to sing Chinese songs. What's the most difficult part in singing Chinese songs? Was there anything interesting during practice or special tips? Will you consider to challenge to sing Chinese songs in the future albums?
HJ: Pronunciations! The pronunciations of Chinese are really difficult. There was no tips in practice, just kept listening to it repeatedly everyday. Before the performance I kept listening for 2 months. Until now I still remember the lyrics, (lol). If I want to challenge Chinese songs, I supposed lots of practice in need. But currently I would like to challenge different genres of Korean songs. No matter is it interpreting the emotions in songs or other stuffs, I would show various sides of KHJ. This is what I'd like to do well now.

Trendy: The theme for photo shooting this time is afternoon tea date, does HJ have any unforgettable experience for afternoon tea?
HJ: Because I don't drink coffee and seldom have tea as well, I rarely have experiences with friends for afternoon tea. And I usually meet up with friends for having meals or drinking alcohols together. If not having coffee or tea, I guess it would be weird just chatting over water only. (tilting his head and said in all seriousness)

Trendy: HJ works as busy as a bee for new album promotion, if you can go for vacation, what would u like to do?
HJ: I've been really busy that I almost can't go home. (Can't help but wave his head) When it comes to vacation, actually I always want to go to Taiwan. I'm serious. I've done the research. There are many beautiful small islands and beaches in southern Taiwan, where to go fishing, snorkeling and many other water activities. I've planned well initially, but because of the weather at that time, and my agency thought it was too dangerous, so it had to be called off. What a pity! (Head down rubbing hands with regretful and sad expression)


Trendy: The album promotion in Korea has been wrapped up, and begin to visit other Asian countries to meet with fans. Could HJ reveal in advance what the following plan is?
HJ: I'm preparing the second mini album releasing in October. The tour in Japan might be kicked off in November. From the end of this year to next February, I would start the Asia Tour for concerts hopefully, Taiwan is included definitely. If there is a chance to go to America, it would be a international tour. Next, maybe in April, there is drama shooting and it might end in July......(HJ spoke with smile over watched Trendy taking note down with efforts, was he supervised Trendy if writing any wrong word?) And the following would be another album production...(In order to take down all HJ's schedule, Trendy's writing hand was so weary, and couldn't help but say, "There's no time for vacation being this way.")
HJ: Hmm...Yes~I would make do with it. Like this visit to Taiwan, during the break, I'll take it as being in vacation in mind. (lol)

Trendy: HJ determined to be a singer, and now is a popular singer-and-actor with recognition, many people's idol as well. HJ can be called the successful sample in seeking the dreams. During the process in seeking the dreams, what does HJ think the most important? Any advice to the youth who is also seeking the dreams?
HJ: It's too late! If still just thinking of seeking the dreams, it has been late for many steps already. Suppose not just thinking, should take actions right away. No matter is it being a singer or seeking other dreams, do it right away! Do the best to practice, or work harder in studying, either of which get to start soon. Take being a singer for example, actually everyone can be a singer. As long as releasing an album would be called a singer. But what kind of singer do u want to be? That's the most important thing!

Trendy: To the future, what kind of goal or expectation does HJ have to self?
HJ: Hmm......I will still work hard on being a good singer-and-actor, and get to challenge many different stuffs, to let everyone see KHJ's various appearances. I hope to become someone who enjoys the life as well, to enjoy and experience well every different moment in life, to lead a interesting life!


Because the time for interview this time was followed right after "HIVE FIVE Event", all members in Trendy were commanded and set out in 2 teams to different locations! Even though separating in 2 groups, neither of which could escape from the downpour in the afternoon. When it rained cats and dogs, everyone in Trendy laughed, just like what HJ said, "has got used to it already."

Although being drenched, on the scene for photo shooting and interview, HJ always wore a smile and was so kind with 100% cooperation, which made everyone has good mood just like in the sunny days, not like being drenched just now. During the break for photo shooting, HJ hummed the songs at times or practice the choreography in the corner as usual. Of course the 4D behaviors couldn't be less, always until everyone couldn't help but laughed out loud, and he looked confused. He didn't tell jokes or do something comical on purpose, and he was just being himself. Although it's been a while since last meeting, he still remains the pure and bright expression in eyes. In spite of being more matured already, and he expects himself to be more matured, but he still shows the childlike facial expression carelessly. Just because HJ doesn't disguise himself and shows his true nature, that's why there is no way not to love him!

U:ZOOSIN promised to be back to organize a concert in the end of this year. Although we shouldn't expect that it might rain heavily at that time, however, believe that everyone has been expecting this handsome and charming U:ZOOSIN's next visit with smile. Oh time, please run faster, cos we can't wait!!!!

Behind the scene:

(in order from left to right, from top to bottom)

[liezle : sorry as I don't have a copy of the magazine i don't know which photo goes to which caption. so if there's anyone who wishes to let me know please do so. thanks!)


1. Although his schedule in Taiwan was arranged tightly during this visit, we had to carry on the shooting in the hotel due to the restriction of time. However, it didn't decrease U:ZOOSIN's handsomeness and brightness at all!

2. After listening to Trendy explain the special project this time, HJ learned that the photo shooting would be carried on the big round table. Before the staff was able to grab a chair for him, we just saw HJ to get upon the table in a flash with a handsome action of turning over. Maybe he was pretty satisfied with his agile action, HJ wore a childlike smile, and it made all staffs laugh.

3. His true nature of 4D isn't changed. During the photo shooting, he did his tricks silently all along. First, he put the apple hold by him for photo shooting on the fire to grill it, and next, he tried to blow the fire off in a far distance. U:ZOOSIN nim, were u either hungry or tested your vital capacity?

4. The truth behind being with HJ for the romantic afternoon tea time?! Actually who surrounded U:ZOOSIN were Trendy and Korean photographers.

5. HJ's the second episode of 4D! Well......r u on the phone? Haha~ (HJ covered his right-side ear with a coffee cup.)

6. Although it was raining with the incredible thunderstorm in the afternoon outside, but watched his bright smile, it was like an universe big sunny day in mind.


7. HJ tilted the head to check the condition of photo shooting just a moment ago. Even his back was so cute that made people couldn't help but lift up the corner of mouth.

8. During the interview, Korean photographers were capturing every image of HJ seriously.

9. For those Taiwanese snacks Trendy prepared specially, HJ listened to the introduction in all seriousness, and got to close to observe with curiosity at times.

10. Asked him which one to try first? It seems it was hard to choose for HJ, so he frowned a little.

11. The top 1 of U:ZOOSIN's favorite Taiwanese special foodstuff is Bubble Tea.

12. Still Bubble Tea (He's drinking it)

13. The chat after the interview, Trendy asked HJ if he becomes even thinner. HJ: " Do I look thinner? Probably because I'm getting old, the baby fat is all gone!" He also laughed right after he finished his speech. The smile was the kind with glee and naughty expression.


Taiwan's TRENDY magazine Ish No. 27
scanned by ♥ Mint Angel five O one.TW // 薄荷天使SS501台灣後援會 ♥


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
i laughed and smiled while reading .
Really thankful for the translator who took from his time to let us enjoy the 4Diness of my king hyun joong with him!! granddd bizzzou

Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed many 4D moments.Translator very good at it cause its fun to read...Thank you

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What a lively encounter everyone had with HJ!I thinkn that is why they like to interview him -never a dull moment .

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I love the person who took the time to translate this - my hero. :)

HJ's answers were so cute. Yes, HJ, come to America, please. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lichi and Liezle for sharing this wonderful interview! HJ's answers are always straight forward and to the point and as usual, his 4D personality strikes again. Looks like the interviewer has a great deal of respect for him as well as his personality and candid answers. Great job Hyun Joong!!

Anonymous said...

That's why I can stop love Hyun Joong.
Love and support him forever.

Anonymous said...

How Hyun Joong brightens up our day and makes us smile! He really is a ray of light and a joy to everyone.

He is such a joy to get to know. His interviews are always so interesting and he has this totally charming way of speaking - so naturally funny and adorable.

Gosh, he is so handsome. How can the interviewer not swoon or faint with such long eye contact with him. Thanks for doing such a good job,I guess you do it willingly,ya? Labour of love!
And thanks for the translation!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, handsome Hyun Joong.
HJ's charming is so naturally, I don't see any one likes him.

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indeed, leader is a very smart & honesty boy.
he can make you laugh out loud while talk.
But his words some time make a lot of senses & full of wit.
may be it is why he receive loves from all over the age

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Trendy stuffs are very fond of him indeed.
Who not?
He is very handsome and charming.
I love to read his interviews,its always interesting.
He is so smart & witty.

I'm always so proud of our beloved Uzoosin.

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I am so happy he is in my life. Love you.Please remain the way you are always.

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OMG, this boy.
So funny, cute, charm, wity,...
You are the one in the world, Hyun Jong ah.
Love you.

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The one & only, one of a kind in this world, hyunjoong.......can't but love him.....can't agree more to all the comments above.

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leader, how are you. take care
love you.

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Hyun Joong is so adorable sitting on the table with so natural and easy charm.
Isn't he just so gorgeous without really trying? So handsome and manly.

His interviews are so revealing too. The man is really witty,charming and so,so funny.
Never a dull moment with him indeed!

Anonymous said...

Leader is so wonderfully refreshing.He always brings a smile to everyone's lips.
Seriously we can't help but smile when we see him and esp when we read about him.
He is a ray of sunshine and a dose of happiness!

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HJ is so gorgeous in the last picture . He has this smile that lights up his face- mega watts! Mr. Sunshine himself.

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Yes, Mega watts Mega charm! So so gorgeous. Make us all happy.

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He looks so comfortable on the table. Just sitting pretty. Love his smile. Comes from the heart, ya.

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Hyun Joong has a quiet charm and an infectious smile. He also has an honest and open face. So lovely.

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How blessed we are...having him in this life!!

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Love HJ - so cute, so funny, so handsome. Great interview, know something new everytime.