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[Article] Kyu Jong, Afraid to Make Mistakes

I always feel so lighthearted whenever I read an interview with Kyu Jong. He is such so humble, kindhearted and very interesting. For some guys like his age and status, first thought on their mind is to to drive their own car, but he's different.

Read this article and discover more things Kyu Jong in this interview. Much thanks to xiaochu for sharing the translation of this article on Quainte501.


[Trans] (interview) Kim KyuJong “I’m afraid to make mistake, didn’t even buy a car”
Credits : oing @ NEWEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Talking to ‘Young man who leads a upright life’ Kim KyuJong, what we felt is his brightness, healthiness and deepness in thoughts. Even when talking excitedly on incidents with his fans, he rounded up saying “So I have to work even harder and become a greater person.” It is not a pretentious talk, because his body is already holding to his honest heart.

Kim KyuJong, who doesn’t have a car on his own said “I didn’t buy a car because I am uneasy about it. If I have one, I think I will unknowingly drink and drive and get into trouble. I thought that I shouldn’t buy a car ever since I was twenty years old.” He added and laughed “Even though I feel sorry for my future girlfriend, but I can’t say (if I’d buy a car) after marriage, but now I have no intention of buying a car.”

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“I always take the subway when I go and meet my friends. If I am really busy, then I will take a taxi. Subway is fast and good.” He said praising the subway. We told him “You used to always pull down your hat and put your head down when you go. What did I say?” Kim KyuJong laughed and said “At that time I thought that was what I must do, but now I go at ease. It’s good if someone recognizes me. I will give autograph if being asked. But a while back, I was being photographed by someone and I heard that I looked shabby in it.” And he laughed again.

Kim KyuJong’s reason for wanting to get married early is “Because I hate temptation”. He explained “Living in the society, I see the many temptations in my friends and hyungs. I really hate those temptations. Even though it becomes an excuse while working, if I have a special someone, I think I will not have such suggestions anymore.”

He added “I want to quickly get married and enjoy the marriage and have babies. I want my father to have an enjoyable time with my kid before he turns too old. If I have kid early, won’t my kid have the chance to have a cup of alcohol with my father when he gets old enough? I think it will be a great gift for my father too.”

With his busy schedule and new challenges coming up, he might be very anxious but he said “As compared to the worries of friends my age, I think I am enjoying it.” He continued “I used to be envious of the friends who solely went to school, but now when we meet, they are all sighing. While preparing for the album, I had some worries and thought ‘I should ask my friends’, but everyone is seriously worried about their own future. They were having a very hard time. As compared to them, I think my worries are enjoyable worries.”

As the last runner of SS501 solo debut, the aim for Kim KyuJong’s album is also as per that nature. “I felt the stress as members who released their albums before me were doing better and better. It will be great if I do well with my album but my role is to finish everything well under our group image. More than the desire to have a big hit success, I hope to finish with an image ‘Kim KyuJong seems like a good person’.”

Composer Han SangWon who produced SS501’s hit song ‘U R Man’, once again produced ‘YESTERDAY’ for Kim KyuJong, “It may sound tacky at first but please listen to it just 3 times. And you will find that it is really good.” He laughed and said.


kelly said...

Kyu Jong sounds like an old man in a young man's body. He thinks too much :( Have faith in yourself, Kyu Jong.

slimz1808 said... poor boy... girls who can read chinese, here's a trans from
(apologies liezle, gotta use ur space) This is too long and emotional for me to trans into english. so if any girls can help, pls help... i teared upon reading it ='(

[2011-09-28][采访]金圭钟 “人令我太累时决心隐退”
转载请注明[Kyu's]金圭钟中文网 并自行上传图片

[采访]金圭钟 “人令我太累时决心隐退”


“本来打算不干了。因为他人而受到的伤害实在太多了。‘性格不适合吗?’也有这样的想法 唉~。不要施展野心就只是平凡地生活吧 在这样的想法下考虑过忽然离开。”

这不是玩笑,金圭钟真的考虑过离开。曾经如此的他在绕了一大圈后再次回到了舞台。金圭钟在27日发表了首张Solo迷你专辑“Turn Me On”。令金圭钟重展歌喉的缘由是什么呢。


好久不见的金圭钟变得更加开朗了。那期间心理遭的罪并没有减少,但与现在公司里的人们结下了宝贵的缘分,因而得到了重新站起来的力量。同在现所属社B2M Entertainment里的SS501的另一名成员许永生也给出了很大的力量。


“很喜欢美国出身的歌手Tommy Page的音乐。虽然不是很强烈的音乐但会在记忆中留存很久。我的歌也是,在Fans听起来即使没有特别强烈的感觉也会留下恬静的余韵,希望在一段时间过去后也能听到‘这首歌真不错’这样的评价。梦想是成为能拥有这样魅力的歌手。”


liezle said...

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btw, didn't see your email earlier.



slimz1808 said...

no worries dear
XC did the trans of the above article

Anonymous said...

yay!. KYU JONG HWAITING!!! :D i like his reasoning that he wants to have a son early because he wants his son to have a drinking session with his father.. haha. such a cool father.. ^^ hehe. io also liked his words. "...but my role is to finish everything well under our group image." nicely said.. :)love him!!!

Sayanggg said...

You dont have to worry! Cos it doesn't bother me if you have a car or not! Hahaha love just the way you are.

ping0119 said...

lol alcohol and our boys~~ XP

Oh, Kyu I prefer you to have a car so we can have more private time *day-dreaming*

“It may sound tacky at first but please listen to it just 3 times. And you will find that it is really good.”
It's really true! I didn't go "wow" when I first heard Yesterday. But after hearing a few times it just got better and I don't get sick of it at all. Has been on my replay list~^^

tetsu_girl said...

thanks a bunch to xiaochu for all the great interview trans!

wow everything Kyu Jong says is gold! XD he has such a pure heart and thoughtful mind.

i wonder what "temptations" KJ is talking about. ^^; but i love that he wants to get married to avoid temptation and also give his parents grandchildren before they're too old. even something so personal as marital bliss, KJ still thinks of others' happiness.

and again, he always views his solo as a representative of SS501 more than his own success.

I Love Kim Kyu Jong.

Anonymous said...

i remember one time,Hyunjoong said that just talking to Kyujong makes one feel lighthearted or something like that..
Kyujong is very matured w/ his point of views at his age..sensible and humble..i like reading articles about him..and his song YESTERDAY is a kind that you never got tired listening over & over again..^^