Sunday, September 18, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng @ Musical 'Goong' 09.17.11

On the first day of the musical 'Goong' in Seoul, Young Saeng went to support his friend Kyu Jong. Young Saeng went to watch wearing dark suit. Here is a set of photos from Amorino posted on

Here is a video as well from Amorino on the arrival of Young Saeng at the theater from the post of 판로이 at and uploaded by on YT.

After the musical, Young Saeng tweeted. Here is translation of his tweet courtesy of 5StarsAs1 translation on Twitter:

I've went to watch KyuJong's musical 'Goong'~^^ It's been really great to watch~ke KyuJong have worked very hard..and it seemed like he did a great job keke Please give him a lot of support~ Please show your love to musical 'Goong'!! Hwaiting!!!

Hyung Jun also tweeted and here is his tweet:

Mr. Kim KyuJong hwaiting! Goong daeeeeeebak! ^_^


Btw, before going to watch the musical Young Saeng was seen at the premiere of Park Ji Bin's 'Miracle Movie' ["고래를찾는자전거"]

Here's a photo of Young Saeng at the premiere. Thanks to mazel_c4 for the tweet.

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SS501's BROTHERLY LOVE.....^^ I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE....THEM.....^3^