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[Article] Musical Goong Returned Splendidly

I read that Kyu Jong and the rest of the casts are doing so well in the musical 'Goong' day by day. I read too that after Seoul and after Kyu Jong's comeback, by mid-December, he might play Lee Shin again this time around in Tokyo. Great, yah?

Saw and read this article on Quainte501 translated by xiaochu. I think this article was from last Tuesday's presscon and press call. Much thanks xiaochu for doing the translation once again.


[News] Musical Returned Splendidly
Credits : Words by Song JiHye (magazine Playdb + Photo by Lee MinOck ( + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Musical raised its curtains on 16-Sep at Yong Theatre in National Museum of Korea.

Made into musical from popular drama, the musical started last year starring DongBangShinGi's Uknow Yunho and this musical which attracted lots of attention was launched for a second time in Korea after being performed in Japan recently, and it received good appraisals as being more refined than its first launch.

In this performance this time, SS501's Kim KyuJong took the role of Prince Lee Shin which he has also undertaken this role in the performances in Japan this year, Kang DongHo who has participated in the first launch returns as the role of Lee Shin. In rivalry for the throne, to be the Prince, and in love, the role of Lee Yul is shared among Jung DongHwa, Jang WooSoo and Jang YuJun. Lively high school student Shin ChaeKyung who is being loved by both princes is by Kwak SeonYoung and Choi YeSeul.

Song ByongJun who is in charge of the production and performance said "The musical also gained a lot of love in Japan because they are already familiar with the drama there. You will be able to see a even more upgraded performance as compared to the first launch in both the performances in Japan and in Korea."

He said regarding the casting of idol singers "Although there are many excellent actors in the musical industry, there aren't many idols in this musical industry. Because Prince Lee Shin in the musical is a national idol, he has to get into this role for 2 hours, so we need to cast someone similar to this role."

Kim KyuJong who finished the first performance in Korea successfully said "I felt the responsibility and feel nervous as it is the first musical performance in our country, but I worked hard to try to enjoy while doing it. Though I felt small in front of charisma of DongHo hyung who also acts in the same role, I am still learning."

Kang DongHo said showing his confidence "Even though there are some regrets during the first launch performances as an actor, we continuously worked on it and seems like we received good appraisals in the performance this time. I think it won't be long before it becomes Korea's representative creation musical."

Musical will continue its performance till 9-Oct at Theatre Yong, National Museum of Korea.

ChaeKyung (Choi YeSeul) and Lee Shin (Kim KyuJong)
"I won't marry the person I like"

This is of course embarassing~

Lee Yul (Jang YuJun) and ChaeKyung (Kwak SeonYoung)
meets coincidentally in the Palace

The grand wedding ceremony of the 2 high school students

Feeling freedom from the unfashionable clothing
fashion in wife's house

From friends to rival.
Lee Shin (Kang DongHo) Lee Yul (Jung DongHwa)

From left Representative Song ByungJun, Kang DongHo,
Kim KyuJong "Hyung-nim first"

Kang DongHo, Kim KyuJong, Kwak SeonYoung,
Choi YeSeul, Jung DongHwa, Jang WooSoo, Jang YuJun

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I'm soooo happy reading Kyu is doing so well at the musical! ^^ I hope he increases his confidence in his act skills day by day due these good critics.=]