Monday, September 12, 2011

[FanCams] Hyun Joong in Action at the Field by KHJPerfect 09.10.11

I am off to bed after posting this. It'll be another long week for all of us but for the Koreans it's a long weekend.

Here's a fancam from last Saturday's game of FC Men in which they've lost to the women's soccer team 3:2. Much thanks to for taking another wonderfully captured videos of Hyun Joong in action at the playing field.

During the game he seems to be smiling a lot as I think he finds it amazing that the women players are strong and very good.

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bellerina said...

i really care for this boy, affirmed this feeling again after watching the vids... i truly want him to be always healthy and happy ^^ hyun joong ah, hope you can continue to play soccer happily till old age, and keep your purity of heart!
merry chuseok, you~~! many thanks and merry chuseok to liezle too!