Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Trans] Three Musketeers Ticketing and Performance Schedule

The schedule for 'Three Musketeers' came out yesterday and translation has already been done and shared by xiaochu at Quainte501. Thank you!

Anyone interested to go? Well, November seems to be another promising month. There's Young Saeng's birthday on the 3rd, his appearance in the musical play, Hyung Jun may release his 2nd album, Jung Min will be back in Seoul and could be filming some scenes for his Taiwan drama and and Kyu Jong might still be promoting. Only Hyun Joong will be out the whole of November as he will be in Japan.

If anyone will be going in November, don't miss out going to Young Saeng's musical, k?

[Info] Musical Three Musketeers Ticketing & Performance Schedule

Credits : http://www.mmusical.co.kr/Home/Community/N...=DESC&CurPage=1 + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Musical Ticketing & Performance Schedule

*1st ticketing : 2011.11.03 (Thu) ~ 11.27 (Sun)

* We seek your understanding that the orchestra pit (OP seats) for SungNam performance of Musical will not be on sale separately as requested by the theatre.

* 6-Sep (Sun) 3pm performance has been fully booked for a corporate event.

*YoungSaeng’s schedule is as follows :
15-Nov (Tue) 20:00
17-Nov (Thu) 20:00
19-Nov (Sat) 16:00
20-Nov (Sun) 15:00
20-Nov (Sun) 19:00
27-Nov (Sun) 15:00

*Schedules are subjected to change without prior notice.


kelly said...

And probably YS' second mini album. Wah! those who go in November should at least spend half a month there :)

Anonymous said...

Wah i soo wanted to support the ss501 men with their comebacks and musical and first solo.How i wish that i have a fairy godmother whom can grant me many 501 wishes...

God if cant get a fairy godmother a toothfairy is good enough for me so long can support them from october to november...hehehe

etet said...

Another holiday??? What will the boss think????? Let's see that's 3 holidays in 3 months??? hehehe.... Meez crazy.... Crazy in L O V E!!!!