Friday, September 16, 2011

Kyu Jong 1st Solo Mini Album... Coming Soon!

It' been announced by B2M on Twitter tonight! Woot... woot. It's now official. ^^

@b2ment: [김규종] THE FIRST MINI ALBUM < TURN ME ON > Coming SOON~!

It was full of Young Saeng yesterday and today it's Kyu Jong's time. I may not have posted the news but I was up to date with all that's happening and I am certain that you guys already now about it. So just for the record, I am shoving there the news about Kyu Jong's 1st solo mini album. Much thanks to Slam for sharing on her blog.

Btw, stay tune in B2M Ent. Official YouTube Channel because they will be releasing the MV here. Not sure though if it is also on the 27th at 0:00AM


[Pic & Trans] Kim Kyu Jong 1st Solo Mini Album "TURN ME ON"
Chinese Trans: 晓晓 @ K.J.Dream
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Released Date: 27 Sep 2011

Price: 7,400 Won
Weight: 110g

SS501 last member solo debut!

Kim Kyu Jong will be releasing "Kim Kyu Jong THE 1st Mini Album [TURN ME ON]", and will be making his comeback as a singer.

He begin his solo activities after the group activities, as an actor in Musical "GOONG" to greet all the fans, Kim Kyu Jong finally comeback as a singer after 1 year and 6 months. "Kim Kyu Jong THE 1st Mini Album [TURN ME ON]" is composed by the composer of SS501 "UR MAN", the album is co-produced by the producer of Rain "Rainsim" and "Love Song".

1. No More Yes
2. Yesterday (부제: 어제보다 슬픈 오늘…)
3. My Love (Feat. YS(허영생))
4. Get Ya' Luv
5. Get Ya' Luv (Acoustic Version)


Anonymous said...

As I expect it Young Saeng oppa is part of the album.. Can't Wait

white said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
hope b2m release more teaser pics for the album soon! n____n

etet said...

Holy..... Didn't know what I expected but was caught off guard when I first saw. Holy... Loving it....

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm super excited for this! He kinda look like Leader though in the pic. Lol they're SS501 twins anyway!

tetsu_girl said...

Kim Kyu Jong 1st solo daebk!!

cola said...

"Turn Me On" --> album title is quite .. . :) hahaha! I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

But KYU!!! OMG. I've been waiting for his solo... I so look forward to the kind of image he's going to show.

GoodLuck to him!!! :))

kelly said...

Nice cover. Looking forward :)

Anonymous said...

One thing. I never expected this from Kyu jong...the image presented was not from the 'natural boy next door' feel...

B2M really likes to surprise and keeps the fans on their toes...

and about YS featuring in the album too...lolz KyuSaeng giving support is just sweet...

thankyuux3 said...

I can't wait ! ^^ I've been looking forward to this since like. forever :D yayay fighting oppa <3 love you ^^


ping0119 said...

Didn't expect this image.. AAAHHH HOT!!! Totally turns me on XD
Composed by the composer of "U R MAN"? Good song!
I'm gonna pre-order a few copies now^^

Anonymous said...

He does look like Leader in the pic. :) Can't wait for his album.

Seems like all 4 (HJL, HYS, KKJ, & HJB) will be promoting their solo comebacks in October.

Anonymous said...

hope Kyu will come again here in the philippines (of course, together with the other members) ;)