Thursday, September 08, 2011

09.08.11 S/Tweet Treats

Continuation of the tweet exchange of Young Saeng and gooddirector. Again, thank you to xiaochu for the translation in Quainte501.


[Trans] 09.08.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @
Re-post with full credit please.

2011-09-08 @ 1:28 AM
gooddirector @mystyle1103 Yes, must come, but when are we going drinking ke Give me a call when you're resting
2011-09-08 @ 1:44 AM
mystyle1103 gooddirector I'm always free~~ keke

2011-09-08 @ 11:29 AM
gooddirector @mystyle1103 This kid keke Firstly let me apologize, okay i'd be waiting


Ginger said...

tse... And he's the only one who's "always free".

Don't mean to be harsh, but hoc comne he's (almost always) free, while the others are working their ass off?
KJ Musical
HJL touring Asia
HJB doing various jobs, now in Thailand
PM busy fimling...

Sorry but... What does that dude do??? And then he not even joing HJB's B-day Party... Aish!

Chara said...

Oh... I guess that's called straightforward....

Even though it's true, that we haven't seen him doing anything after he stopped promoting, we are not the one in charge to judge.
Even though it may be true, this could be easily mistaken as "cyber mobbing". Andwe!

Even though I admit I would like to have a look behind the scenes. Like to know why it is, like it is. Is it the management, the company, the lack of interest of YS himself? Whatever it is, all we can do is wait. Unfortunately.

Ginger said...


I'm sorry about the upper post. I didn't mean to be so harsh but it seems it got to me. Mianhae @ all.

It's just... I'm not able to understand.

I get myself together, promise. I'm sorry, YS!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually really worried about Saengie's situation. Very disappointed about his agency, to be honest. I don't think it has given enough resources and support to YS like the other members' agencies which actually can make dramas and/or let them go overseas or do concerts. YS has to wait for KJ to do overseas promotion, and share the stage with the new female rapper. I'm not understanding B2M, if you only have resources for one artist, why sign for more and waste the artist. I feel like we (as YS fans)know how to promote him and increase his popularity than his agency.... Anyway, YES, I love Saengie and will support him no matter what^^

Anonymous said...

Sorry more ... I'm really thankful for Liezle's posting of Saengie's news and Jaejong's recommendation for the OST singing. Otherwise, I don't think I'll know any news or hear the heavenly voice now.

kelly said...

I never understand why are fans always so concern whether members attend each other's activities. There is no need for them to show us, neither declare to us what they do behind doors and in their personal life. And we really shouldn't get ourselves disturbed by such things. I am quite happy that YS does not twitter much about his personal ongoings nowadays. I want him to have his own moments in private and enjoy his work and daily life quietly. Working one's head out does not necessarily mean better. Not appearing in public does not necessarily mean doing nothing and lazing around. YS is a frank and direct person with a sense of humour now and then but pretty confidence lacking. But he has his own mind and I am quietly confident he knows what he is doing. I will wait patiently for that special day in coming October for the Prince to be back.

Chara said...

@kelly: :)
I'll wait with you. But still, bite my tongue about this and that... There are some things I can't support wholeheartedly.

kelly said...

Morning Chara! We will wait and I am sure he will give us a wonderful surprise. "Sad Song" was already a nice present so unexpected. BTW, I do want to support him wholeheartedly on the streaming in Soribada and Mnet. Are you familiar with that two methods? Now I can only download on Soribada but cannot stream. I used to be able to.

Chara said...

Mornig Kelly!

I haven't been on soribada for a long time. Not even sure if U can download again on Soribada. (There was that issue, that you couldn't anymore as a foreigner...) So not sure, if I can stream. I'll let you know, once I tried.
I'm not sure about Mnet though... Sorry.

kelly said...

Hello Chara, it is confirmed that Soribada can download but cannot stream for foreigners. So no help for digital sales. As for MNet, foreigners cannot even buy the package, so cannot download neither stream. Soribada and Mnet are only allowed to support downloading and streaming in Korea, something just being enforced recently. So looks like we cannot only support hard album. There goes the package I bought for Soribada. Thought can support YS OST and KJ's album in streaming. Sigh!

ping0119 said...

Yes foreigners can't steam on Soribada & Mnet anymore! T.T
I want to support the boys for the coming albums!!! Wish someone in Korea would help the international fans :(((((