Monday, September 05, 2011

[Article] Jung Min for PRADA

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip about this article posted on Babyvfan’s Blog. Much thanks as well to Babyvfan.

Uhm, so it's badminton that makes Jung Min fit lately. Glad to learn something new about Jung Min today. Wish we'll get to see him play someday. I want to see him do a smash. ^^

Geez, knowing JM plays badminton makes me remember my badminton trainer. I was so inspired to train then because he has long and very athletic legs as well as nice shoulder blades and butt just like Jung Min. <3


[News] Park Jung Min for Prada on ChinaTimes

Source : & Babyvfan’s Blog

Korean Kpop group SS501′s Park Jung Min signed with Taiwan agency last year, this time came for long stay, gave the first photoshoot to China Times. He says he feels happy and nervous at the same time, ‘Because its the 1st time, and my chinese is not good, still have a lot to learn.’ However, Park Jung Min seems to be underestimating himself, he learns chinese really fast, when asked about ideal type of girl, he can even use professional words, “[Humor] must be same as me.”

# Owns 4 Prada totes

Park Jung Min is invited to model for Prada’s autumn/winter newest series, likes the jacket the best. He shyly says ‘because looks more handsome’. He who likes to dress casually at normal times, Prada seems more formal for him, but it’s a different story for bags. Not only does Jung Min has 4 on his own, he also bought Prada accessories for his mom and sister. He says ‘I like big bags, because have a lot to bring, handphone, hats, ipad, shirts (against cold)and scripts are must to bring.’

# Fitting into the society

Coming to stay in Taiwan for 3 months for shooting of the new drama, Park Jung Min is secretive about details as he has yet to start filming. However, he already made use of the free time, visiting places such as Tamshui,taipei 101, Q Square,Eslite bookstore..etc. Jung Min who also likes sports often goes to play badminton at a local gym, ‘Nobody noticed, very happy’.
He also asked the reporter not to reveal the place. As for Taiwan’s local delicacies, Jung Min has tried many as well, Beef noodles, spicy hot pot..etc. His favourite is Taiwan’s version of Thai shredded squid, praising that ‘it’s the best’.

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Anonymous said...

i cringed at the fashion, but at least JM still looks handsome. XD;
can't wait for his drama!
thanks for sharing, babyvfan & liezle!