Thursday, September 01, 2011

[Notice from Henecia] Fraudulent FC Outside of Korea

Just so that you will be aware, here's a notice from Henecia regarding fan clubs. Much thanks to rainaftershine for shoving this notice on her blog.

I have actually noticed that there are many Henecia FCs from different countries (as well as other FCs that goes with the name of the original FC of their idol/s). I guess this is okay (even to collect minimum amount for maintaining the club as FC also incur expenses) for so long as admins of these FCs do not use the FC's name (home base) to lure fans into their club by telling that they are recognized by the the home base FC. From what I have observed, particularly in Korea, FCs that the home base only recognized are FCs established in Japan.

As I am already in this topic, I might as well blog about this. I have also noticed that a member outside of the home country can really actually enjoy the privileged of being a member when one is in the FCs home country. T_T Sad but I think it's the reality. I remember when I was joining a FC before and my friend (who is helping) told me that I will not be enjoying the privileged of being a member as I live outside of the home country. Ei, but I still insisted then because I like the diary that the FC was giving back then. ^^


[Notice from Henecia] Regarding fraudulent fan club establishment outside of Korea

Greetings from the staff of Henecia.

May I have your attention about the Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan-club HENECIA

We have found out that fraudulent fan club was established in some countries with name of HENECIA this morning, and are charging a fixed sum of money from the fans as the membership fee and distributing products such as cards and t-shirts to lure fans to join the club..

We are informing that KEYEAST has not established HENECIA in those countries for fans to join the club, nor do we acknowledge them as official fan clubs.

The card provided to the Kim Hyung Joong’s official fan club HENECIA in 2011 is same as below, and we are informing that any other cards will not be acknowledged as Kim Hyun Joong’s official HENECIA fan club card in 2011.

Furthermore, joining the Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club HENECIA in 2011 has ended on May 23rd, 2011.

When fans wants to join HENECIA in the year 2012, the process will start near future, and the process will be posted at and, so please be aware of this information and do not join any fan clubs that are illegally promoting through Facebook, or any other sites, with the name of HENECIA.

Thank You.


mery_ec88 said...

I hate those people, u.u fighting!!!! henecians don't let that those kind of things affect us

Anonymous said...

dear all, please support our leader, join only the office one.

Anonymous said...

oh, it's sad to read about this issue. Does it mean Henecia Philippines is likewise not acknowledged?

Anonymous said...

Henecia Philippines was never acknowledge by either Keyeast or Henecia Korea and yet they carry the moniker "official." If that isn't misleading, I don't know what is.

TripleS_Henecia said...

I have doubts when Henecia Philippines said that the FC is official but what the heck...I still joined the group, my way of saying "I'm from the Philippines and proud to be Kim Hyun Joong fan".

Anonymous said...

HENECIA PHILIPPINES was not acknowledge by henecia korea but how come they claim that they are legal FC of kim hyun joong in the philippines.

Criselda said...

@Anonymous - is there really a claim from Henecia PH that they are official? If so, that would be disappointing considering that what they are claiming is not true. I have a friend who is a member of Henecia PH and I don't remember her telling me that theirs is official FC. Well, I don't know with the others.