Saturday, September 03, 2011

[Pix] Dashing Jung Min in Gucci Trench & Suit (Added More Pix)

Jung Min attended GUCCI F/W big show in Taiwan yesterday. Here are few more photos of Jung Min in a dashing Gucci suit. Much thanks to veggiedelight for emailing these photos which she lifted from Baidu as well as to and aimsom for the tweets.

According to Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, the man she has created for the year F/W 2011 is a new dandy with a rock soul wearing tailor-made suits with tight jackets and pants with a bell bottom hint. Shirts with slim collars, soft sweaters in mohair and a series of trench coats, fur coats, and slim lines all over made with rich and top notch fabrics. The man according to Gucci is handsome, dangerous in his satanic damnation and always coated in luxury, as shown the letters GG in gilted metal, the acronym of Guccio Gucci, founder of the griffe, which stand out on the accessories pointing at the new personalization service of the bag put on display and made available in the brand’s boutique.

To see more creation of Gucci for F/W 2011. You may click HERE.

Here's a photo of a model in the 2011 F/W Gucci Fashion Show in Milan wearing the same clothes that Jung Min is wearing at the Taipei fashion show.

Adding more photos from the event...


Anonymous said...

ahh so handsome!!
JM has the perfect expression and body type for a male model. i swear, he looks better in the clothes than the runway model. ;D
lol at the description: dandy man with rocker soul. the sleek, dark look really suits JM (and his hair and makeup are just right this time).

Lizzy Kim said...

He's too skinny... I can't help but being worried about him. He need to rest.

But man, JungMin is gorgeous! *.*

sinthia said...

the last photo is funny with so many mics to him. xD
He's gorgeous in this suit... he's a perfect model!

Anonymous said...

sure is one hot sexy looking horsey

Anonymous said...

his outfit looks like what my dad wore when he married 1980!!!

ping0119 said...

do gain some weight <3