Friday, September 09, 2011

[Trans] Y.E.S Recruitment in Mid-October

Whenever I see notice such as this from Young Saeng and Kyu Jong websites, the only thing that comes to my mind is that they will certainly be having activities soon. I hope I am not wrong.

Well, October is something to look forward too with Kyu Jong whose said to be releasing his album on September 27 (if true, he'll be promoting in October) and Young Saeng who's rumored to comeback in October.

Thanks to xiaochu for the translation of the notice on Young Saeng's webby which posted on Quainte501.


[Trans] YoungSaeng Staff Report - Recruitment of Y.E.S in Mid-Oct
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


This is the person in charge.
Autumn is just round the corner ^^

I came to deliver a little message to everyone.

The gift to those who participated in the Fan Club Naming Contest will be sent out after Mid-Autumn Thanksgiving Day, on 14th September.
We will not be contacting the individuals~ The others besides the winner of the naming contest, will be sent via normal post,,, please check your mailbox once you return home^^

And also the 1st ~ 5th winners of the attendance check event during LET IT GO activities period,
As well the gift event, we are planning to send it out in mid-October.
We will contact the individuals by 30-Sep ^^
Please!! Definitely pick up the call if you receive the call from our office number.

For the recruitment of Y.E.S which you’ve been waiting for the longest time,
We are currently still building the membership administration system.
And because the interior and several others are running concurrently,
It seems like we will be able to start the recruitment from mid-October only TT-TT;;;;
Please wait for awhile more~~

We will return back again with a great news in our next staff report then.

Please have an enjoyable Thanksgiving day.


kelly said...

If recruitment is in mid-Oct, then album will be out only after that then. Not surprising if it comes out in Nov. Could be a good idea as promo may just reach Christmas period and what a merry and relaxing period that is. Hopefully overseas fans could join the fanclub. B2M website is really not easy to understand. Now looking forward to Kyu Jong's comeback and one of his mini-album song title just remind me of Young Saeng :)

BTW, seems that soribada now bars foreign downloading and streaming on their Korean website. Cannot buy the soribada card via that foreigner webpage anymore. Need to go to English website. But not sure if that counts towards the charts.

Spade_B2uty said...

love kim hyun joong !
btw thanks for giving the information .
love ur blogs !
follow me back !

Anonymous said...

finally B2M is doing sth related with saengie. "love you B2M, hope you are going to find out more his talents, he might be surprise you ^^ ......"

Anonymous said...

Still no words for future activities or planning. Again, seems like the album will be delayed (truly hope that I'm wrong and not like last time from Feb to May!).

So far Saengie has done his part - doing extremely well in singing, dancing, stage, TV shows, interviews, handsome look, twitter ... YS fans are very supportive too. It's time for the agency to step up and be more active - don't be so quiet and slow please. One activity per month will not overload you, right?! Sorry for being pushy as time is very precious for an artist. Dear B2M: if you don't know how, please study CNR, S-Plus's notice, fan service, concerts and their activities... thanks!

Anonymous said...

October is very dangerous...

Kara,Secret,SNSD,WonderGirls,Brown Eyed Girl, and T-ara comeback on October..

hope kyujong's albums can do well in sales..
of course hyunjoong's,baby's,and youngsaeng comeback in october too...

im very worry..

kelly said...

@1:09am, YS will only do things if he is confident. And that is why he said he rejected musical offers even though there were a few of them as he is not confident to sing, act and dance at the same time. He wants to start step by step and let his countrymen know him well first. I was touched by that thought from him. I am sure B2M does respect YS in any activity to be taken. We can see he does not take part in activity that he is not comfortable with like Dream Team which Kyu Jong participate but rather more on stage performance or music shows like "With You". Read from a Romanio/Bulgaria fan's facebook that B2M in discussion about him peforming there but will treat such things as rumours first. B2M is good that they only provide information when it is pretty certain so that we do not get excited.

@6:28am YS will do well in sales but not necessarily in the charts. Now that we cannot stream in Soribada for foreigners, one means of working on the chart is gone. But his OST "Sad song" isn't bad. Highest on the Soribada chart is 8th position and the whole OST is doing very well on Hanteo chart being 1st, meaning more and more people will get to listen to YS' warm voice. Don't worry. It is more important to be steady. We just give our support in whatever ways to our quiet, shy and sweet Prince will do.

Anonymous said...

I'm also aware and fully support YS not going for musical and to concentrate in Korea market step by step. But I don’t see much (if not none) local or overseas activities scheduled from July onwards. A good agency will help their artist to grow and provide good advice/planning, but I don't think B2M is matching up or has enough resources to do it. YS is a gentle and low profile person and I expect his agency can be more aggressive and has good strategy on his solo.

My wish list…
- Why not do some overseas activities as he ended the Korea promotion already with an empty schedule, particularly in Taiwan and Japan where he has album or DVD targeted for these markets. Or, instead of webcam or video, just to show up there physically and give the fans a treat.

- YS has done surprisingly well on TV programs esp. those focussing only on him (like an interview) or around a few people which he doesn't have to compete for talking ("Strong Heart" for sure is not his type). He's also good at radio programs, music/song related programs, magazines, interviews….. So why not some (or even one) activities on these each month.

- Participate in concerts (local or overseas whatever), drama – these are what YS’ talents or what he indicated he’s interested in.

- Better fan service: Saengie’s birthday event, friendly reception, organized tour, album pre-order, info in English, advance notice of activities so that overseas fans can plan to support YS .….. CNR and S-Plus are good at these.

- OST… if not becos of Jaejoong, not sure if he has the opportunity…. will B2M be able to compete with other agencies ….

I’m sure B2M has good intention but I have many question marks on their strategy and resources. Sorry for the long comments but very satisfied of writing them down – now anyone want to join my Y2S agency^^ No matter what, YES, proud of Saengie and will support him forever!

Anonymous said...

@kelly : its good to know what you say,..

I know Soribada and Mnet more stricted to foreign fans..
I think,.foreign fans can help with digital album not to download..

I hope it will really well..

Chara said...

@Anonymous 1:36:
Totally agree. No more words needed.

kelly said...

He should be busy preparing for his album. Though he say he will not, but I hope to see him not just penning his lyrics but also the music in his 2nd mini. I like "Is this Love" a lot. And maybe continue to strengthen his piano and give us a live complete self help solo performance? My biggest wish is a concert from him when he is ready, and stop looking for 5000 audience.

His DVD is releasing soon. High chance he will be going to Japan to promote? But the CD wasn't officially released in Japan, rite? Wonder why the related DVD is released there instead of in Korea. Hopefully it is available elsewhere, English dubbed.

Y2S agency???? We all miss him, no doubt. He is such a darling :)

Anonymous said...

Here comes the Y2S agency again...

For albums, I'm 100% totally trusted Saengie. My advice to his agency is "let it go... let it go... let it go", to let Saengie go for his dream. No more shared stage/female rapper - just his melting voice and that will do.

Glad to know you guys, Kelly and Chara, and I enjoy your comments ... esp. from a lone soul loving Saengie in Canada with all my friends in K-drama not knowing K-pop. Saengie fighting!

Anonymous said...

B2M seems to "freeze" 1 of them when the other is active :(

Anonymous said...

i hope B2M can prove me wrong that they love saengie like the other member in the same company.