Sunday, September 04, 2011

09.01.11S/Tweet Treats

1st day of September tweets are here consolidated and translated by xiaochu on Quainte501. Heaps of thanks!


[Trans] 09.01.11S/Tweet Treats
Koran to English Translation by xiaochu @
Re-post with full credit please.

2011-09-01 @ 12:17 AM
qkd4974 @mystyle1103 I have nothing to do after I came back to hometown - - I want to go to Seoul again!! I will go if I have time!!

2011-09-01 @ 9:32 AM
hangtenkorea Autumn is the season for checkered shirt~~ How is Kim HyunJoong's style??

2011-09-01 @ 1:24 PM
Bong_Actress KyuJong's fans thank you^^ I will eat them well. We finished the press call successfully yesterday, we are practising in the practice room today too. There isn't much time left now. We, including KyuJong, are all excited and nervous, and felt impatient heehee Today too, go go sing!

2011-09-01 @ 8:19 PM
JUNUSofficial Summer Festival Behind The Story will be released through official homepage ( tomorrow. We hope for you to look forward to HyungJun's wonderful image on stage as well as his image behind the stage which nobody knows! Only available at official homepage!! Fix your eyes on it!!

2011-09-01 @ 8:20 PM
JUNUSofficial SummerFestival Behind Storyが明日から公式ホームページ( で公開されます. 舞台での素敵な姿はもちろん誰も分からない舞台裏の風景が公開される予定だから多くの関心お願いいたします! ただ公式ホームページでばかり公開されます!! 視線固定‾!

2011-09-01 @ 10:44 PM
JUNUSofficial HyungJun is currently recording "..."!!! What~is~ "..."? Don't tell me it's the next album..^^?

2011-09-01 @ 10:50 PM
JUNUSofficial ヒョンジュンは今 "..."録音中!!! "..."なにかです? まさか次アルバム?

2011-09-01 @ 11:03 PM
JUNUSofficial RT) We are unable to say it at the moment^^ Please send encouragment mentions to HyungJun who is working hard on his recording till late night! RT @SSelodielau: @JUNUSofficial What recording is that???

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