Sunday, September 04, 2011

09.02.11S/Tweet Treats

Young Saeng surfaced on Twitter on the 2nd of September and it looks like he went out with with people from B2M. Check out photos he tweeted and translation by xiaochu of Quainte501.


[Trans] 09.02.11S/Tweet Treats
Koran to English Translation by xiaochu @
Re-post with full credit please.

2011-09-02 @ 1:32 PM
mystyle1103 Went to play with company people~keke

2011-09-02 @ 5:30 PM
mystyle1103 It's my heart..kekekeke

2011-09-02 @ 5:30 PM
mystyle1103 Bring you luck..keke

2011-09-02 @ 6:24 PM
igoeuni @mystyle1103 Oh~~pretty~~ Was it drawn? You drew it yourself??

2011-09-02 @ 7:54 PM
JUNUSofficialSummer Festival Behind Story that you've been waiting for is finally released in the official homepage (! HyungJun's unique photos are waiting for everyone. Quickly! Come here~

2011-09-02 @ 7:56 PM
JUNUSofficial 待った Summer Festival Behind Storyが公式ホームページ(にいよいよ公開!!! ヒョンジュンのユニークな写真が皆さんを待ちます. 早く来てください‾!!
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2011-09-02 @ 8:59 PM
YJH0207 @mystyle1103 Pretty, did you draw it yourself?

2011-09-02 @ 9:32 PM
woosangil @mystyle1103 Why is the OST not out?keke

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