Tuesday, September 06, 2011

[Eng/Chu Subbed] Jung Min in Jung Bo Suk's ChungDamDong Part 1 to 3

Pushing this up once again since has posted just now Part 3 in YT. Much thanks!


As promised, I am shoving this up as has already posted part 2 in YouTube.


Part 1 & 2 of Jung Min's cut in Jung Bo Suk's ChungDam Dong has been uploaded on YouTube. Thanks to iamsom for re-tweeting the tweet of .

Now, we will be ablet to know the unfortunate incident that Jung Min mentioned in the show that happened to his family when he was young. The story about when he auditioned to a scam agency and when he talked again about the flight attendant fan that he had met when she was still working in a bank.

Thanks to the following for doing the translation and YouTube upload in YT channel.

Video Production by: T
KR-CN Translation by:Kiki
CN-EN Translation by: J

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Anonymous said...

haha, "The sunglass bought in New york but made in the Philippines". nice one.:-)