Tuesday, September 06, 2011

[Notice from CNr] Jung Min's Official Website, Fan Club & More

Much much thanks to rainaftershine for doing the translation of this in her blog. I have actually been waiting for someone to share this and finally it is here.

In this notice from CNr, there seems to be quite a lot of things to look forward to. First is that, official fan club for Jung Min is underway. Hmm, wonder what name would be the name of his fan club. Let's wait and see. Secondly, Jung Min will be back end of October in Seoul. I was hoping it'll be much earlier (crossing my fingers and toes). Third, when he's back in Seoul, he'll start shooting for a drama. To read more about these three things and more, check the translation below.


[CNr Notice] Regarding the reconstruction of Park Jung Min’s Korea Official Website & Establishment of Official Fanclub
From: parkjungmin.net
Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJMIFC (www.park-jung-min.com)
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com

Hello, this is CNR Media.

We (CNR media) are currently reconstructing Park Jung Min’s Korea official site and is also working on a project to establish a fanclub. Details related to the above projects will be announced at a later date. However, as we have received many suggestions from the fans through phone calls, message board and other various communities, we will announce the date of the launching of the official site earlier than expected.

1. In order to update on Hallyu star Park Jung Min’s current condition/status, we are currently putting in lots of time and manpower on the reconstructing the official website. The new official site will/expected to be opened in October and the exact date will be announced later according to the progress of construction.

2. At the same time, we are also making preparation for Park Jung Min’s official fanclub. We will try to work out the fanclub name, operation of the fanclub, recruitment, etc with the fans. Please keep a look out for it.

3. Park Jung Min who is now in Taiwan filming day to night for his leading drama is scheduled to return to Korea towards the end of October for the shooting of drama. After completing the filming of drama, Park Jung Min will focus on his activities in Korea in 2012.

4. Park Jung Min will appear as both a singer and actor in the future and is also expected to continue his activities in both Korea and overseas.

CNR Media is currently establishing an official site which will keep the fans closer to Park Jung Min and also a site to share information about him. We are working hard on the preparation and we hope that the Korea Official website will be a centre to Park Jung Min’s activities. Please wait for a little while more.

Lastly, CNR media’s office will be relocated.
From 14th September onwards, please send your fan letters to 서울시 강남구 신사동 588-7번지 4층 CNR Media. We will pass these letters to Park Jung Min like what we have been doing now.

Thank you.


tetsu_girl said...

thanks so much for the trans, rainaftershine! been waiting for it.

wow, new office, new site, and new fanclub, exciting~ looking forward to all of JM's future activities!

i wonder.. the drama that JM will film in Korea in Oct. is still the Taiwanese drama, right? not a Korean drama? didn't they say "Fondant Garden" would be filmed in both Taiwan and Korea over the next several months?

Anonymous said...

I've found this link:

"The drama is expected to shoot the scenes in both Korea and Taiwan and is targeted to be out next year during winter break (end January to February)."

So I believe PJM will be filming the balance of his scenes in Korea upon his return in end-October and probably finish up his filming by this year before the drama release date.

ping0119 said...

aaahhh i can link the fanclub name to mal / carrot XD
We are his foals or carrots ㅋㅋㅋㅋ