Sunday, September 04, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong @ 'Let's Go! Dream Team' Recording

Photos of Kyu Joong recording for KBS 'Let's Go! Dream Team' are posted on various SS501 sites and Twitter.

I am shoving here some photos. First set is from the post of 그린블링 on which came from the tweets of MITHA7778.

Second set which is in good quality is from the tweet of TingTingLoveKyu that came from Kyu's.


.::Sra de Kim Kyu::. said...
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Kphoria said...

He's so skinny T_T
I hope you're eating well Kyu!
but anyway, you're beautiful ♥

sinthia said...

hihihi I loved his mischievous smile. 8)

Anonymous said...

Kyu Jong love, please put some meat onto that rather skinny frame of yours! Worried that you are getting skinnier than ever. Hmm, perhaps should ask your Hyun Joong hyung to bring some of the fried chicken from his resto the next time he visits... KHJ love, feed your dongsaeng, ya!