Sunday, September 04, 2011

09.03.11S/Tweet Treats

Here is tweet translation of xiaochu posted on Quainte501 on the tweet of Group8 about Hyun Joong's visit at the practice room and the link to watch the open practice.


[Trans] 09.03.11S/Tweet Treats
Koran to English Translation by xiaochu @
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2011-09-03 @ 8:11 AM
G8plan [Goong] Yesterday night, HyunJoong came to visit Prince Kyu and Goong team at the practice room~ Thanks for the drinks

2011-09-03 @ 10:47 AM
G8plan [Goong] It was 31-Aug, Musical [Goong]'s open practice for Press! Please enjoy it everyone~

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sinthia said...

I'm glad leader found time to go see Kyu's rehearsal. ^^
I hope that the other members can go too. =D